Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Interesting. I always knew Governors and Secretary Treasurers had a really close working relationship, but I wasn't aware that blogger would try to marry us!! If anyone knows how to fix that, please let me know. In other news, I'm currently packing to go to GATC, which is Governor's and Administrators Training Conference in Indianapolis, IN - home of the Kiwanis (and Circle K) Office. I'm scared, because I hope I represent the district well, and I'm also nervous about the long drive. As many of you know, I can't fly for several medical reasons (besides the fact that I'm scared silly of it) -- so, I'll be making the 14 hour drive with my mom, who was more than happy for a vacation, and my aunt. We leave tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10pm, just in time for me to arrive in Indy in time for Thursday's dinner. Although I'm nervous, I'm also excited. Many of the Governors who I'll be serving with have already e-mailed our listserve to introduce themselves, and I know several already, and look forward to meeting the rest. Hopefully they will like the leftover Tioga t-shirts, Goody Packets, District Convention shirts, and the neat picture/paper holders we got at the banquet, and I'll take home some cool stuff from their districts! Also, Ricky, Nick, and the other trustees will be there, as well as Mark and the other administrators, so I'm sure it will be a lot of fun, and I'll learn a lot! Well, I need to get back to packing, but wish me luck, and I'll be sure to contact everyone when I return from Indianapolis!


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