Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Dude, Alison's on the ball... stop it, woman - you're making me look bad! :) Anyways, I know I said I wouldn't post again before leaving for GATC, but I lied. But don't worry, unlike others of mine, this post has a purpose. At GATC this weekend, I'll be asked to fill out a "snapshot" of our District. This will be used primarily to give to International officer candidates who are running so that they will know a lot about us and will be prepared for our caucus rooms. But, this is a pretty good description of our district, and will be used for anyone that wants to know more about who WE are (other Governors, International board, International office, etc.) So... traditionally, this is filled out by the Governor, and it will be again this year (that'd be me, for those out of the loop :)) - BUT, I want your input. So I'm going to post a few of the questions, please comment & respond... I'd like to make sure I represent all of you well!


P.S. - Does anyone else find it ironic that our two ads on the blogger site today are both for Rotary International?? :)

P.P.S. - I'm starting the "Governor Shoutouts" - Today is a special thanks to Lisa Ashby for going above and beyond the call of fellowship today, and offering to put me up for the night at a minutes notice, even though I won't need it- it is definitely appreciated.

1. Please list and discuss critical issues for your District

2. Please list and discuss the top 5 priorites for your District

3. How can your International board help you with the priorities listed above?

4. What does your district believe are the top 3 critical issues facing the International Organization?

5. What would your district like to see the 2003-2004 International Board accomplish?

6. What expectations does your district have for your assigned International Board member?

That's it, please e-mail your answers to me (if any) or comment, no later than April 15th.... however if there is a pressing issue you have, post it today, and I'll bring it with me to GATC! (I'll be sure to check the site before I leave at 8pm)


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