Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Yeah, who's making who look bad? The following is an actual conversation that took place between myself and Becca this evening. It undoubtedly will cause much ridicule in the near future, but it's too funny not to share with you all. Now you may understand why I think we need to work on communication within the district!

The Search for Tucker Leigh...

Becca187: tuckers in SAE right, and not SphiE?
Becca187: I forget which SigEp is
Becca187: maybe it is phi
alisonatlsu: sigma phi epsilon
alisonatlsu: hang on
Becca187: i got it
alisonatlsu: 731-587-8873
Becca187: did you know that tuckers real name is Townes?
alisonatlsu: yeah i knew that
Becca187: that would so explain the towrleigh@
Becca187: huh
alisonatlsu: yes it would, but it's towrleig
Becca187: where'd you get that # from, was that the one in your e-mail?
alisonatlsu: not leigh
Becca187: i was close ;-)
alisonatlsu: :-)
Becca187: cxause i've called that # like 20 times today and I get the fax thingie every time
alisonatlsu: ummm, no i messed it up in the email bc he has awful handwriting
Becca187: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Becca187: well that explains a LOT
alisonatlsu: i had it as 668-8873
alisonatlsu: it's really 587-8873
alisonatlsu: i think
Becca187: 668 587.. you were close :-)
Becca187: you got 1/3 #s right!!
Becca187: :-)
alisonatlsu: or 713-668-9565
Becca187: is that his # in jackson?
Becca187: argh
Becca187: confusing me
alisonatlsu: yeah, call this one
alisonatlsu: 713-587-8873
alisonatlsu: it should be right
Becca187: i'm calling the 587 one
alisonatlsu: that;s what i just said
alisonatlsu: :-)
Becca187: nope wrong again
alisonatlsu: hang on
Becca187: 713 587 8873 has been disconnected
Becca187: says the operator
Becca187: oh this is comedic
Becca187: we should write about this on the blog
alisonatlsu: i'm calling matt
Becca187: i did that already, he won't answer his phone
Becca187: i left him like 5 messages
alisonatlsu: lol
alisonatlsu: i know why
Becca187: ?
alisonatlsu: it's 731
alisonatlsu: not 713
Becca187: ARGJ
Becca187: ARGH
Becca187: haha
alisonatlsu: i am dyslexic
alisonatlsu: lol
Becca187: we are SO posting this entire co nversation on the blog
alisonatlsu: HAHAHAHAHA
Becca187: this is priceless material
alisonatlsu: lol
Becca187: I'm serious
alisonatlsu: i know
alisonatlsu: that is so funny
Becca187: okay, let me try the new number.. AGAIN
Becca187: I hope you're putting this up there tonight
Becca187: so... 731 587 8873
Becca187: are you sure that's not 731 668 8873?? or 731 668 9565?
Becca187: i'm so confused
Becca187: I think I'll just call all of those and see who I get
Becca187: maybe I'll make a new friend
alisonatlsu: no no no
Becca187: who can be my new sec treas!
Becca187: :-)
Becca187: hahaha
Becca187: so the first one
Becca187: 7315878873
alisonatlsu: 731 587 8873
alisonatlsu: yes
Becca187: hey ali....
alisonatlsu: what
Becca187: WHO'S ON FIRST??
alisonatlsu: what's on second
alisonatlsu: i don't know's on third
Becca187: I think I'm delirious... and I only have to drive 16 hours in 10 minutes
Becca187: are you putting this on the blog?
alisonatlsu: yeah i only need to sleep for 16 hours to get my brain back in order
alisonatlsu: i think i will
alisonatlsu: this is great stuff
Becca187: it sure is
Becca187: okay, so the newest tucker number doesn't ring
Becca187: it just gives a fast busy
Becca187: man he's like the hardest person to get in touch with
Becca187: we should get the discovery channel to tape a documentary on trying to find him
Becca187: and he probably doesn't even know he's missing

Momentary, dramatic pause here....followed by

Becca187: YAY!!!!!!!!!
Becca187: I FOUND HIM!!!!!!!!!!
Becca187: EUREKA!!!!!!!!
Becca187: I feel like the guy that discovered King Tut's tomb
Becca187: I'm saving this number to my phone, asap
alisonatlsu: what number did you call?????
Becca187: 7315878873
Becca187: but the first two or three times it was a fast busy
Becca187: and the fourth time this guy answered & I couldn't understand a word he was saying, it turned out to be tuckers roomate
alisonatlsu: i want you to scroll to the top of this chat
alisonatlsu: and look at the original number i gave you
alisonatlsu: because, i was right all along
alisonatlsu: i think we need a new governor!
Becca187: I think he thinks I'm nuts too, because I was like "I FOUND HIM!"
Becca187: no no no
Becca187: then before i called it
Becca187: you were like "no, it's the 713 one, i'm dyslexic, call that, yeah that should be it"
Becca187: so I didn't even bother with the first one
alisonatlsu: no no no
Becca187: not to mention, your original e-mail was wrong
Becca187: haha our first fight!
Becca187: how cute
alisonatlsu: you should always go with what i say first
alisonatlsu: it's in the records
alisonatlsu: :-)

Hope you all enjoyed that inside look at your new district leaders!


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