Friday, June 27, 2003

As you all know, I-con is coming... fast. Is it just me, or has the Convention in July thing really thrown EVERYTHING off? It's just making it all.. weird. Anyways, I know many of you have been talking to me, and the District Board about the proposed amendments to the Circle K Bylaws-- but I'd like to give some of you a chance to further voice your opinions on them. After you are all done commenting-- I will print out the comments sheet, and bring it with me to make sure your opinions are heard.
So.. here they are. Thanks to Natchez Trace LTG Tucker Leigh for summarizing these:

Number One: Purpose: Changing the word "mankind" to "humankind" in the CKI Constitution and the CKI Member Pledge

Number Two: Purpose: Adding the word "fellowship" to the CKI Member Pledge so that it reads " foster compassion and goodwill toward others through service, leadership and fellowship,..."

Number Three: Purpose: Creating a dues structure and club levels based on total membership, i.e. a club with less than forty members would be a level one club, 40-59 members would be a level two, and so on up to level six. The clubs in levels two through six would receive breaks on the International dues in an amount of between $1 and $5 for each subsequent member increasing with each respective level. However, if a club goes down a level its sponsoring Kiwanis club is responsible for paying the elevated dues fee that would result to the International office.

Number Four: Purpose: Increasing International dues by $7 to a new amount of $25, and allowing the Circle K International Board to raise dues a maximum of 5% every two years if a 2/3 vote of the International Board of Trustees approves it.

Number Five: Purpose: Establishing a budget advisory board committee to review the budget of CKI annually.

Proposed Amendment to CKI Bylaws: Purpose: To allow dual membership in CKI and Kiwanis with provisions (follow CKI and KI policy at each club's respective event save that no alcohol consumption is allow at either, be at least 18 YO, be enrolled at least part-time at a college/university, not be an officer at any level in BOTH CKI and KI, and not be a Kiwanis advisor to sponsored youth organizations).

So... let us know what you think on these.. make sure your voice is heard!

Also.. this is going out over the LMTTravels reflector-- many of you already know that a caravan is being established, that will travel from 1-55 to 1-57 to I-70.... stops will be made in New Orleans, Jackson, and Memphis for those that need to catch a ride/tack on to the caravan... please call me or Tommy if you are interested in doing that.

IMPORTANT: Summer Rally is coming up SOON (August 15-17).. and registration packets should be sent before JULY 7TH.. Registrations can be sent in as a club, but should be sent individually. If you have any questions please contact me, or e-mail MSU President Becki Simonis.

Governor's Shoutout: Today the shoutout goes to BS LTG Shannon Tharp, who so graciously has been checking my e-mail for me and conveying everything to me... and NT LTG Tucker Leigh.. for his awesomeness in paying close attention to amendments/House of Delegate issues and making sure his Division's voice is heard... Way to go guys!

International Corner: FINALLY the CKI website recognizes that I'm the LMT Governor (Sorry Jody, but you had to go sometime! :) ) As of today the website has been updated (although it still says I'm 2002-03... oh well, you have to take what you can get!) Check me (and the other Governors) out at, by clicking on District Officers, and then District Leaders.

For those of you not attending I-con, you will be sorely missed.. please enjoy your 4th of July, and continue the spirit of Service, Fellowship, and Leadership-- holding down the LMT Fort while we're gone! For those of you who are going to Indianapolis, I can't WAIT to see you in just a few short days... please travel safely!



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