Thursday, May 29, 2003

Hey LMT!

I'll keep this really short, because I'm paying out the wazoo per minute at a little UPS somewhere in Gulf Breeze, FL.... but I just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive & actively checking up (and watching over) all of you. Excellent props to Marti, Shannon, Robert, and others at LSU-E for their outstanding work in trying to get that club together. I'm also very proud (although there were some kinks) in the cabinet for this past weekend, you all went above & beyond-- and yes, Michael-- you received the Governor's Shoutout for that one, too! More on that later though...

If anyone needs to call me, feel free, I have my phone on me at all times.. 504-237-8396.... otherwise, you can direct all comments to Alison. Keep a look out for your mailboxes--- several of you who went above and beyond this past weekend will receive little surprises via the US Postal Service....

Until next time-- remember, the Sky's the Limit--- and we are now several steps closer to achieving our goals.... by how much we've already gotten done, as well as how much I see you all doing while I'm away, I can only imagine what we will do in the weeks to come!

Can't wait to see everyone when I return!


PS -- Baton Rouge/Lafayette ladies-- I am SURE you are breathing sighs of relief right now... it's hard to keep track of the Serial Killer here, but you were all in my prayers, and I'm glad that I know that you're all much safer. For everyone else-- please be careful as you travel & go on vacations (like me!)


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