Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Hi again!

Governor's Shoutout: For today, the Governor's Shoutout goes to every single member who has posted in the comments to yesterday's post. Bobby, Justin, Beth, Ashley, Erin D. and Katie , are the ones I'm thinking of -- I apologize if I've forgotten anyone. Also, thanks to the Presidents that have conveyed the interest of their clubs to us on those issues, Northwestern (Laurie) for one. The District Board welcomes your comments, suggestions, and even compliments, questions, or death-threats. :) We are not going to better this District based on the opinions of 6 people, but the opinions of 480+. Keep in mind also that you can not complain about any situation later, if you didn't provide your comments on it in the first place. Thanks to those who are taking the initiative to do so! Keep the comments coming!

International Convention: Tommy Stephenson, our OTIC, has asked me to thank everyone who sent him registration forms in a timely matter, and even those who went out of their way (driving to New Orleans or FedExing stuff overnight) - to get them to him on time. The materials have all been sent to International, so if you haven't sent them in through our District -- it is too late to do so. You can send your stuff directly to the Meeting Connection (at the address listed on the registration forms). Keep in mind, it's never too late to register -- and the late fee is only an extra $30 -- so there is always a possibility that we will be able to fundraise over the Summer, and give more people the chance to go. I'm also very proud to announce that we have 32 Circle K'ers from LaMissTenn attending, which isn't the largest delegation we've had ever -- but it's certainly more than we thought, and it's definitely more than other Districts have. Not quite the goal of 45, but very very close. The clubs that will be represented are: Loyola (3), LSU (6), Northwestern (11), La Tech (3), UNO (7), ULM (1), UTM (1). See ya'll in INDY!

That's it for now, more later!


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