Monday, May 05, 2003

Hey Everyone,

I have exams & stuff too - so this will be relatively short (yay!)

* Today, yes Today, is the 5th... we know what THAT day is!!! MRFs are due! And this is a special day, because not only are MRFs due-- but committee chair/cabinet director applications, agenda points for the District Board meeting, propoals for D-Con & Summer Rally and Service Initiative, and more! So... I know it's a lot, but, guys, we gave you more than enough time! And you still have until 12 (midnight) tomorrow night, so that gives you 12 full hours and 10 minutes (I know, I procrastinate too! :) )
There are no excuses for late reports/applications. To Cabinet Applicants/Summer Rally proposers: Feel free to submit your applications or proposals in late-- but if it's not on time, just think about how that makes you look in regards to getting the job done.

MAD Props to those who got their MRF in one day early: UNO, UTM, & Miss State! Ashley, Kara, and Ross - you guys get the Governor's Shoutout today!

In other news... Going to I-con? - Unless you're: District Board, UNO, LSU, Northwestern, Loyola, or ULM - you may not be... please let us know if you're planning on getting that stuff to us.. it needs to be overnighted to Tommy Stephenson TOMORROW... or you can find your own roommates! :) Deadline was May 1st.. and we need to send everyone else's stuff by May 8th. Congrats to the people who got that stuff in on time!

We've lost some Presidents & we can't find them!!! :) The following Presidents are missing from the Presidents reflector, and we haven't gotten any contact information from their clubs, either: Southeastern Louisiana University, Hinds, McNeese State, USM, Centenary, LC, Hinds, and Lambuth - we are missing.... if you know someone from these clubs, please let them know that they need to get their contact information to us ASAP... they can e-mail it to Alison. It's really hard getting information to clubs, or even checking up on them, when you don't have any phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or contacts, etc - and we don't want anyone to feel left out! Thanks!

International Corner: There is a new link on the International website that describes some great fundraisers that Circle K'ers can do... many of them in conjunction with Kiwanis! Be sure to check that out - especially now, since I know that many of you are trying to raise money to attend International Convention! (Which, btw, keep in mind, late registration fee is only $30 - so if you don't have the cash now, you may very well have it after a successful summer of fundraisers!) The link to the fundraisers database is: (You need Adobe Acrobat for this)!

That's all for now! I hope you guys fill up my e- mail box today with stuff!!!



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