Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Okay.. a few things today:

* Congratulations to your new 2003-2004 OTIC (or Travel Chair), Tommy Stephenson! Tommy was appointed today, and has already been thrown in (as most districts had OTICs even before we had our d-con in March). So, if you have any questions whatsoever on I-con (and I know many of you do) you can feel free to contact him at I'll be e-mailing everyone tonight (or tomorrow) with some more information, and he will be e-mailing/calling club presidents VERY shortly, as the deadline (May 8th) for registration is quickly approaching. Congratulations, Tommy - I'm sure you'll do an excellent job!

* IF anyone remembers the Michigan District "Co-ed Naked Circle K" t-shirt that were such a hit in Orlando, Tifanie, the Michigan Governor has asked me to inform you all that they are available for sale again! Each shirt is $10, and I have that order form if you are interested.

* Again, the Bayou South & Delta Central LTG deadline is quickly approaching... April 18th (two days from now) is the last day to express interest. Very shortly after that, the board will make its final decision & your new LTG(s) will be announced!

* Please get those cabinet apps in ASAP... so far we have only received 4, I know more people than that have expressed interest. If the Kiwanis/President signature is what is causing the delay, you can e-mail/mail your form without that -- and I will be happy to call your President/Kiwanis President for their verbal approval. This goes for Cabinet Director apps as well...

* Don't forget about Skip A Meal, which starts very soon (April 27-May 3). This program is to show your support of the K iwanis Children's Fund by participating. By giving up just one meal, you are helping to fund the numerous programs that benefit from the opportunities the Kiwanis Children's Fund provides... and 100% of that contribution directly helps children. Either donate the money and skip the meal, or just donate the money (without skipping the meal), and remember this is to raise money AND awareness. If you'd like a donation form, and more info, please contact your LTG. (or me)

* If your club has not gotten it's club officer contact information to Alison, please do it ASAP. Not having your information is going to cause your club to get left out of district events, and you may not get registration packets & monthly mailings or newsletters as well. Her e-mail address is (or link to the left)

That's it for now, more later.....
Please inform others about this useful tool, the main purpose of it is so that we can inform you informally (haha) without flooding your e-mail boxes... but, if I find out that there are only 20 people reading it, then we're going to have to start using e-mails more regularly.



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