Monday, April 14, 2003

Howdy LMT and welcome back! I noticed there have been a lot of hits coming in and no new material posted, so we need to put an end to that right about now!

First off, Becca and I travelled to Biloxi this past weekend for the Key Club DCON and it was amazing! We had such a good time watching the youthful Key Clubbers come together for a weekend full or leadership and fellowship. We saw a lot of interesting things in their caucus sessions, from "Where's the Candidate?" to "Surf's UP" and we loved every minute of it. The Key Clubbers elected a board of LTG's and a sec/treas, Katie Tuminello, and a gov, Dru Gremillion. All of the new board members seems to be very dedicated and involved and we hope that we get to work with them a lot this year!

If you talk to Becca, be sure to congratulate her on her exceptional speech and her flawless delivery on Friday night (she was complimented all weekend!)

In other news, please remember that Cabinet apps are due in on May 5 to me at (or link to the left)

That's about it for this quick update....hope everyone who is Spring Breakin this week (like me) has a great week off!


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