Monday, April 14, 2003

Yup, Alison is very right - no new material... sorry about that, but at least you know that we're hard at work! Thanks Alison for your kind words about my speech... I was very very nervous that we wouldn't make a good impression on the Key Clubbers, hurting our recruiting efforts (and our chances of getting to go back to their convention again) -- but, we did receive many compliments on our entire visit, so hopefully we represented LMT well! We decided that instead of speaking to (or AT) the Key Clubbers, that we would just let them ask what they wanted to find out. Boy did they. After several questions ranging from "Will Circle K girls think I'm cute?" to "I hear that Circle K'ers do nothing but drink" to "How many service hours would I be required to do?" -- we have a LOT of response cards filled out with contact information & prospective college. We'll be forwarding that to you individual clubs very shortly.
(FYI, if you're interested, I just went back and counted them. We have 50 cards turned in, for the following schools: LSU, 17; Centenary, 1; McNeese, 1; Mississippi State, 1; Tulane, 2; Southeasten, 4; MTSU, 1; Loyola, 4; Nicholls, 2; USM, 1; NSU, 1; UL, 4; Tech, 2; UNO, 1; Xavier, 2; and Other, 5) . So, it went well--- me and Alison got to "bond" even more... and I had TONS of fun. She already talked about elections... so need for that, but I will say that it's very interesting. Key Club has the EXACT format of our convention (it's freaky how similar things are) - but the OPPOSITE of our environment & atmosphere, rules, etc..... they are serious when we are usually goofy, they are goofy when we are usually serious, etc. Very cool experience though - and educational. I'll be calling club presidents shortly to discuss a few things about what I learned, Key to College, etc... And, if any of you knows a key clubber (which ALL of you should) - please ask them what impression Circle K made on them this weekend, and let us know.

I promised an update on that board meeting we had, here it is! It was online, yes, which was strange (especially since it was our first real time meeting) -- but although we had a few problems that were expected, I was very impressed at your new District Board. Everyone spoke very intelligently on all of the issues, and we made a lot of key decisions that will affect you this year. Unfortunately, many of them cannot be announced yet, and some are still in the works - but I promise, when the time is right, they will be communicated with you (as everything else is through this blog & e-mail). Our next board meeting (and district officer training) is very quickly approaching, on May 10th, somewhere in Hammond/Ponchatoula area -- and I will be posting the agenda online for that very shortly. If you have any points that you feel should be included, please do not hesitate to mention them here, or contact your local LTG.

On a fun note, our caucus room for International is themed "Country!!" The Circle K Districts of Florida, Ohio, and yours truly, LaMissTenn will go country and have fun doing it! Possible costumes include: country singers, "hillbillies", or even A country -- be creative! Let me know what you think about this idea! (It may still be open to change....... but, this is likely it)

We are still looking for a few good members to apply for the District Cabinet. Cabinet applications are not due until May 5th, this is true, but the sooner you get them in, the sooner we can begin reviewing them and considering you for certain positions. Yes, you will be considered for every position no matter when you get them in, as that is fair, but yes, it would also help us out a GREAT deal if we didn't have to get all of them on May 5th and have to read them all at once. So please keep that in mind, and we will love you for it! We are also looking for someone ASAP for OTIC Chair --- I was supposed to have a name by last week, but no one has applied. Keep in mind that this is a VERY important position, that is usually given to the Immediate past Governor, but this is not possible in this case. Also keep in mind that in the past, the OTIC chair has been given complimentary registration & hotel room to I-con. This position is a year long one, as TRAVEL chair (what I was last year) assists with all travel, inside and outside of the district, all year long.
We are also seeking interested parties for a (somewhat) new Cabinet Director position. This person would be a liason between Sec-Treas Alison, and the resource cabinet positions (those are Fundraising, Public Relations, K-Family, MD&E, Technology, and Service). Possible duties may include: reminding cabinet of goals on a regular basis, updating cabinet on what is going on with the district board, feedback from the members and the district board, helping the cabinet with their budget, presiding over any cabinet decisions, etc. Please bear with us, as this is a new idea, and a work in progress, but it will not work if we dont' get a few good applicants. I know that there are many dedicated, great members in LMT that would serve this position well. Please apply by sending your qualifications to either myself or Alison ASAP (along with the regular cabinet application). The deadline for this is May 5th, but we would like to have it sooner.

That's about it for now (I know that was a lot)..... please digest all that, and as always - leave your feedback. We really appreciate the number of people that have visited this website in the past few weeks... it really shows that you care about your District and where it is going. Thanks so much for your support, and please continue to visit and leave comments so that we know how we are doing! :)

Later guys,


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