Tuesday, April 15, 2003

I forgot to include Governor Shoutouts!! Here are a few for last week & this week:

1) Past Governor Bobby Schroeder - for your help in preparing the Key Club presentation
2) The Holiday Inn Select in Indianapolis - for FINALLY shipping my suits, I got them TODAY
3) SOOGOD Tommy (SOOGOD is a new term I've coined, it means "Significant Other of Governor of District) - Sorry you haven't
seen me in over 3 weeks, I know it must have been tough!
4) Sean, Candace, Bobby (again), Chassidy, Michael, Matt, Justin, and Lisa - for your continuous support and posting on the
blog!!!! Keep it up!
5) Sec Treas Alison, as always -- for her consistent great job, and especially for killing her color printer to print out over 250
response cards for Key Club! :)
6) The LMT District Board for devoting HOURS of their time, especially the 3 for the board meeting, and being so patient.. y'all are
doing a GREAT job so far!

I'll post to you guys later about our ideas about the new Service Initiative, our possible new district pins, and K Bucks -- but for right now, I'll keep you in suspense :)


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