Wednesday, April 23, 2003

That's the sound of school starting up again (for those of us that had spring break) and finals, papers, and everything else due crashing in--- I hope it's going less hectic for you all than it is for me. Regardless, I did want to take a few minutes to post. Regarding the dues increase, thanks to Past Gov Jody and Past Everything Bobby for their comments. The District Board really needs to get an idea of how you, the member, and club feels -- so that we can represent you, both at International Convention, and in the tons of Governor Council meetings, FAQs, forums, and other places we'll be representing you this month. Don't just comment though if you KNOW - please comment if you DON't know as well. If you have questions, we need to be able to answer them for you - that's our job. If anyone would be interested in a call from a District Officer, to explain this amendment (as well as others to be presented in Indianapolis) - please let us know. The idea of having an online AIM chat (nothing official) for those interested is also a possibility. Just tell us if you think it's neccessary.

As far as International Convention goes, we've been getting LOTS of questions -- here's the deal. You register AS A CLUB by May 8th. Not postmarked by May 8th, received by THEM by May 8th. THEM = The Meeting Connection, the people who handle the reservations. Can you register alone? Sure, but you're going to be paying the cost of a full room - alone, because you have to submit your form with roommates forms. If your club doesn't have enough people to fill rooms, or is confused by anything I said THEN you send your forms to Tommy, our lovely OTIC chair. The only money your members should have to come up with right now is registration -- hotel can be handled when you get there. That should make rounding up enough $ a little easier on everyone, because we don't have much time. Any questions should be directed to Tommy, who is more than ready to answer all of them for you! His e-mail address, once again, is I understand just how confusing this is -- and I'm not surprised at all by the amount of questions you guys have - it's a stupid process, and you have a lot of good questions--- but that's exactly why we have someone there to answer them for you! :) Btw, our hotel is absolutely gorgeous -if you haven't checked out the website, you totally should. Just do a Google Search for "Omni Severin Hotel"

Past cabinet, your opinion is needed! Any suggestions to make your position better, things you wished had or had not been done, that sort of thing - we'd like to hear from you! Please e-mail comments to either me or Alison, so that we can discuss them at our upcoming board meeting. Also, any materials that you feel would be helpful to your successors - we'd like that as well, if you can! :)
We're still looking for ideas for a Service Initiative for this year - as well as a District Theme. Traditionally this is thought of & voted on by the District Board, but that still doesn't mean we don't want your input on it! I'm sure many of you are more creative than I am -- so go for it!

Shout out today goes to Brian Stacey, who is quite possibly the first & only person who I ever would have thought could send the annoying "announcements" song through e-mail! My governor's term wouldn't have been the same if I didn't hear that at least ONCE this year! Major kudos for catching me on that one, I'll have to watch my words next time! :)

Finally.... I am offering your club.... something very exciting. The chance to see ME MAKE A FOOL OUT OF MYSELF!!! That's right, folks! I want to see your club make a membership goal, and in return for a met goal -- you will get to see me do something of YOUR choice (within reason, of course) at District Convention. So far, Tulane Circle K has set a goal for 50 dues paid members by March, 2004. If they make that goal, I will make an appearance at District Convention (at a certain time) covered in Oreo cookies! (yes, I'll have clothes on too, for those of you who have already asked) These goals should be GOALS (20 people is not a real goal, if you started out with 18) - and should be SMART goals. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-oriented-- but you should know that already!) Maybe we can convince Alison, Bich, Tasha, Tucker, & Shannon to get in on this too! Start thinking!

That's it for now -- I'm off to my home club CKI meeting!



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