Monday, April 21, 2003

Good morning, LaMissTenn!

Below, you will find the minutes from the April 8 online board meeting. Feel free to leave any comments or questions you have about anything that you see here. These will also be posted to the LaMissTenn yahoo group today in the files section.

Also, if you are a member of the LMT yahoo group, please encourage others in your club to sign up as well so that we can be sure each club is getting information that is send on that reflector. While we do not want it to become the only form of communication, it is an easy way to reach a large number of people, and by not signing up, you could be missing out on some good information. It's simple to join, just link to the district webpage and there is a sign-up option right there!

And now, about the monthly mailing. I was planning to send one out on April 28, and the deadline for sending in info about events was yesterday, but I have not received anything. This is probably due to the fact that the semester is ending soon and no one has anything coming with that in mind, we will postpone the first mailing until either May or June, depending on events that are being planned for that time frame. As always, if you do have events coming up, let me or Becca know and they will be posted here.

Another reminder to all clubs to please be in touch with your new OTIC chair, Tommy Stephenson, so that we can get an idea of how many people are attending ICON. A shout out to Laurie Brown and NSU for already sending in names and numbers....they have 13 people attending!!

That's it from me for are the minutes you have been so anxiously awaiting.

LaMissTenn District Board Meeting
April 8, 2003

In attendance:
Governor Rebecca Fox (Becca187)
Secretary/Treasurer Alison Pellegrine (alisonatlsu)
Piney Hills LTG Tasha Hargrove (AtomicAngel025)
Natchez Trace LTG Tucker Leigh (homelessdoctor)
Gulf Coast LTG Bich Nguyen (BNNguyen01)

I.Call to Order at 9:08pm
a.Roll Call
-all officers present
-share age, major, school, hobbies
-Tucker is designated the “Youngun of the board”

II.Discussion of Minutes from March 30, 2003
a.No changes to be made
b.Governor Fox moves to approve, LTG Nguyen seconds
Motion carries unanimously at 9:23pm

III.Officer Reports
a.Governor’s report
-GATC recap and Governor’s Council explanation
-Will be training all other officers at the May 9 meeting
-Key Club Convention this weekend, will leave with Alison on Friday
b. Sec/Treas report
-Links and posts have been added to the LMT blog
-Emails about events and ICON have been sent out
-Cabinet applications are due May 5
-Mailing info due April 20, to be sent out April 28
c. Gulf Coast report
-Bich attended UNO Induction Banquet on April 7
-Participated in the Adopt a Dog Project with Loyola CKI on April 6
d. Natchez Trace report
-Emails have been sent out to pump up NT about DCON
e. Piney Hills
-Tasha has been having problems getting information from past LTG Kristi Storm
-Has been working with the contacts she was given
-NSU and LaTech are doing great, worried more about ULM and LC
-Wants to see Lamar Salter back to active status (This is a chartered club in the division)
-Governor Fox comments that she would like to see all of the old LTG’s and new LTG’s work together to better understand their jobs. LTG’s agree that they are not really aware of what their duties entail.

LTG Hargrove makes a motion to move onto the next order of business, LTG Leigh seconds.
Motion carries unanimously at 9:35pm

IV.Unfinished Business
a.Contact Info
-Governor Fox asks if there are any corrections
-Hearing none, Governor Fox makes a motion to move on to discussion of Bayou South and Delta Central vacancies. LTG Leigh seconds.
Motion carries unanimously at 9:38pm
b.Bayou South LTG
-Governor Fox reviews that there are two applicants at this time
-Last day to apply is set for April 18
-Sec/Treas Pellegrine moves to move into executive session to discuss the applicants. LTG Hargrove seconds.
Motion carries unanimously at 9:43pm
-Sec/Treas Pellegrine moves to leave executive session, LTG Hargrove seconds
Motion carries unanimously at 10:36pm
c.Delta Central LTG
-Governor Fox proposes three alternatives:
1. Pull a member from Millsaps College
2. Leave the position vacant and use Kiwanis and Key Clubs in the area
3. Leave position vacant and assemble a committee of CKI, Key Club, and Kiwanis members throughout LaMissTenn to help the division.
-LTG Hargrove offers to visit Millsaps to recruit someone for the position
-Will make calls to area Kiwanis and Key Clubs in the area
-Governor Fox moves to table the discussion of the Delta Central LTG position until May 9 board meeting. LTG Leigh seconds.
Motion carries unanimously at 10:44pm
d.DCON 2004
-Governor Fox shares the facts:
DCON is supposed to rotate between the 5 divisions
Order of last 5 conventions was Piney Hills, Bayou South, Gulf Coast, Delta Central, Piney Hills
Natchez Trace was completely skipped over
-Concerns about Natchez Trace:
1. Will clubs travel that far for DCON?
2. Are the NT clubs strong enough to host this event?
3. Is there a feasible location to hold this event?
-Possible applicants from University of Memphis have contacted Sec/Treas Pellegrine
-There is a strong interest within the division to host DCON and a committee would be easy to form for the chair because of this interest
-Need to see who applies for the position before we can decide the location.
Sec/Treas Pellegrine moves to close discussion until May 9 board meeting. LTG Hargrove seconds.
Motion carries unanimously at 10:58pm
-Governor Fox requests that LTG Leigh prepare a report about DCON for the May meeting, LTG Leigh agrees.

e.Cabinet Structure
-Governor Fox shares the facts:
OTIC, Tioga, DCON, and Bulletin are your biggest positions
There are five “resource” positions: Service, Fundraising, Membership Development and Education, Fundraising, and K-Family.
Last year, the board established the New Club Building chairs to work with each LTG to build new clubs in their divisions. Public Relations was also taken out last year.
-Governor Fox proposes an idea to help structure the cabinet and take some of the work load off of the Secretary/Treasurer.
-Secretary/Treasurer Pellegrine explains three options:
1. Cabinet Director – this person would be responsible for overseeing the resource positions, allowing the S/T more time to help the chairs with bigger jobs or events to plan.
Pros: Helps S/T, strengthens the resource positions so they will do more throughout the entire year instead of just at the end of the year, would increase communication with the cabinet and board and would provide a liaison between the two.
Cons: Would force resources to work under another person, thus removing them from direct board contact
2.LTG Buddy System – this would pair one LTG with each resource position so that the resource has a direct board member who could act as a “mentor” or personal director at all times.
Pros: Strengthens cabinet/board bond, allows someone to always be available to the resource at all times, provides each LTG a particular area of interest within the district.
Cons: More work for each LTG
3.Cabinet Council – would act as a “backup” cabinet to allow members to serve on whichever committee(s) they chose.
Pros: Allows for a quick and smooth replacement if a member resigns, allows more members to be involved on some level of district leadership.
Cons: More people to coordinate and keep track of, and with the low level of interest and involvement within the district, would we be able to find enough members to serve in this capacity?
-Discussion of pros and cons takes place
-Governor Fox asks each member to express his/her preference of the three options, all choose the Cabinet Director.

-Secretary/Treasurer Pellegrine moves to create a new position for the cabinet called the Cabinet Director. LTG Leigh seconds.
Motion carries unanimously at 11:31pm

-Secretary/Treasurer Pellegrine moves to outline the director duties as being responsible for communication with the resource positions on the district cabinet. LTG Leigh seconds.
Motion carries unanimously at 11:33pm

f.Discussion of May 23 meeting
-Governor Fox entertains an adjustment to meet May 24 at 8am instead of May 23 at 7pm because she will be standing in a wedding that S/T Pellegrine is also planning to attend
-This will allow the board to meet Saturday before the cabinet arrives and allows the cabinet to arrive later (at 10am on Saturday)
-The weekend would then work as follows:
May 23, LTG’s may arrive and stay at hotel
May 24, District Board will meet from 8am-12pm
Cabinet will arrive at 12pm for lunch
Cabinet training will take place from 1pm-5pm
Group activity will take place from 5pm-8pm
Board will meet again at 8pm to wrap up unfinished business
May 25, Board will depart if all business is taken care of, or meet again if necessary

S/T Pellegrine moves to change the meeting time from 7pm on May 23 to 8am on May 24. LTG Hargrove seconds.
Pellegrine, Hargrove, and Leigh vote aye
Nguyen abstains
Motion carries at 11:54pm

V.Summer Rally
a.Governor Fox asks is there is a motion to table Summer Rally discussion
b.Secretary/Treasurer Pellegrine moves to table discussion. LTG Nguyen seconds.
Motion carries unanimously at 11:55pm

-Promote OTIC position to clubs
-Promote Cabinet Director to clubs
-Be sure to send in ICON registration to Mark ASAP

Meeting adjourned at 11:56pm


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