Saturday, April 26, 2003

Hey Ya'll,

It's been a few days, so here goes. This week has been a busy one, I'm sitll catching up with homework and stuff that I missed from going to D-con, followed by GATC, followed by Key Club, but at least it's getting better. On Tuesday I went to the Tulane banquet at Figaro's, which was very nice/change of pace. Wednesday I attended my home club meeting (which I hadn't been able to in 3 weeks) and a meeting online with Ricky (our assigned International Trustee/Counselor, if you haven't figured that out by now) and our Brother District Governors (that's Kim from Ohio and John from Florida). The four of us talked for awhile on what problems our districts had, how we could help each other, some International stuff, including the dues increase, etc. It was very informative, and good to get to know our brother districts a little bit better. (By the way, a "Brother" District is any districts that share the same International Counselor, no more than 3-4 at at time, they change every year depending on who your assigned trustee is. A "Sister" District is any district that touches your district geographically. technically, Alabama is our only sister district (if you look it up), but Kentucky Tennesee, Missouri Arkansas, and Texas-Oklahoma all border our district... just keep that in mind. We are going to try to have at least 1 SIster District event this year.) And, back to what I was saying before (NOTE: This is what I'm like before 11am. If you ever call me or wake me up before 11am, this is probably the kind of random rambling you should expect!) on Thursday night I had a governor's council meeting online, with the other 30 governors (or at least 19 of them), about the dues increase. Together, we brainstormed some very feasible changes to the dues increase proposal, as well as some concrete things and iniatives that the money should go to. We'll be sending those suggestions off to International, and hopefully some good changes will come out of this. Friday, was catch up day (as it always is), running around like a chicken with my head cut off ;) and today, I am looking forward to some leisurely fun up in Baton Rouge. I'll be heading up in a few minutes (why I'm up so early) for their Picnic, followed by some socializing, followed by their Banquet tonight. I'm looking forward to it, and I'll let you know how that goes later.

Along with Governor Shoutouts, is also going to be International Corner, a new thing I've thought up. I'll be highlighting one Circle K International thing every day (or at least once in awhile) , just to mention it, let people know about it, get feedback when it's a hot topic, etc. The hot topic right now (besides the dues increase) is the Tomorrow Fund. Basically, it's an endowment, that will eventually fund large service projects that clubs don't have the funding for themselves. They have already collected a little over $50,000, and will very actively collect at I-con, and on the District level until the fund reaches $100,000. At that point, it should sustain itself (interest) - and that interest money will be used to fund projects that clubs request money for. It's also an important step in Circle K's self-sufficience as an organization. Anyways, it's a little controversial, because although most people see the general good in it, some people hate seeing their money go to projects that they may never get to participate in. Part of the new dues increase will probably go towards the Tomorrow Fund (between .25 to possibly even $1). Let me know how you feel about your money going towards this. (FYI, our District has also started its own Tomorrow Fund, if you're not aware of that.)

That's it for now-- I'm half asleep and can't think anymore! I'm really glad I'll have someone with me on the drive to Baton Rouge! :)
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