Monday, April 28, 2003

One more time --

If everyone would please do me a favor - I'd greatly appreciate it. See, the reason we started this blog was because of a few things. We wanted to open up more casual, frequent communication. We wanted the entire district to get a feel for what the district board was doing for them, and we also wanted to stop overloading the reflectors. Don't get me wrong, the reflector still needs to be used... but I think ya'll might be a little angry if I e-mailed you every day with updates on what I was doing. This way, you can check and read when you want to. But--- I'm a little worried that people aren't reading here. I see 650 hits, which makes me very happy, but I'm not sure if it's everyone from all schools, or just 5-6 people who check 30 times each a day! Know what I mean? So, if you could do two things for me... 1) Ask around at your school to find out who is reading this, and spread the word about it... and 2) just leave a comment, by clicking on the Shout Out, with your name, and your school (or affiliation, if you're Kiwanis, another district, etc). That way I know who I need to talk to to make sure they are getting this information!! :) Thanks!

Also, another shoutout and a very special shoutout. The shoutout goes to Northwestern State University, who I've just discovered is trying to implement Roberts Rules of Order at meetings. You guys should be commended, I know Roberts Rules is VERY boring, and VERY aggravating at times - but it's the best way to run efficient meetings. By using that it's clear you want to get the job done. If anyone wants copies of my Roberts Rules cheatsheets, let me know - I'll try to upload them to the files section of the e-group soon.
Also, a special shoutout to Matt M. and Katie B, from UTM... they were in a very serious car accident recently with almost tragic results. They were incredibly lucky, but have been through a LOT these past few days. Please give them your support and prayers through this hard time.

That's it folks!


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