Monday, April 28, 2003

Welcome to the last week of April, everyone! Can you believe it has almost been a month since we had DCON, elected this new board, and watched them take over the district?? I'm having a hard time believing it myself. But now that the transition is nearly over, it is time to step into the spirit of deadlines (insert panic attack here)

So to keep you all from flipping out and racking your brains trying to remember when stuff is due, I am going to tell you right now! I also told you over an email to the reflector, so you have no reason to not remember these here we go:

May 1 - Deadline to have ICON registration to Tommy Stephenson (OTIC
Chair) if you choose to send your club members' registration off with
the rest of the district. If you have questions, email him

and ask away, that is why we have him!!

May 4 - Deadline for submitting agenda points to the District Board
for consideration at the board training/meeting to be held May 9-11
in Pontchatoula. If you have an agenda point, please send it to me
at no later than May 4 for it to be

May 5 - Applications for the District Cabinet are due to me! These
positions will be appointed on May 9, so please do not forget to

Also, monthly reports are due!!

May 8 - Deadline for International to receive your ICON
registration. If you want to send it directly to them, have it there
by this date

May 9-11 - Board training and meeting

May 12 - Deadline to submit agenda points for consideration at the
May 24-25 Board meeting

May 23-25 - Board meeting and Cabinet training in Baton Rouge. More
details to follow soon.

So keep those things in mind this next week and into the month of May. Also, let's try to get a great theme organized for ICON this year! Send your ideas to him

asap. Some ideas to think about from past years include LaMissTenn's HOT and Service in the Sun Southern Style. Think of things that relate to our entire district (maybe other than hot weather this year) and also link us to the host city (Indy).

Also, I'd like to congratulate a few people who were awarded this Sat at the LSU Banquet. Outstanding committee chair awards went to Monique Sammartino and Laura Falati, Outstanding Member of the Year went to Candace Griffin, Kiwanis Family Award went to Chassidy DuPont, Club Fellowship Award went to Eddie Ward, and Cap CIty Kiwanis scholarship went to Shannon Tharp. Good job all of you and keep up the great work!

That is all from me for now, hope everyone does well on finals!


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