Friday, July 18, 2003

Hey Everyone,

It's 9:20am, and I'm awake-- WOW. That's an amazing feat, especially since I've been up to about 3 or 4am almost every night this week. Just goes to show what Kiwanis meetings will do for ya!

What Alison said about Monthly Reports is RIGHT ON-- And, this month, I know is a special one with I-con and all... but in May, I received 23 MRFs.. in June, only 17. I SHOULD be receiving somewhere between 30-35. So... my question to all of you, and PLEASE answer this in the blog-- is why don't we get more of them?

I know that I'm preaching to the choir here, I understand that -- but maybe you all can help me figure out what we can do to receive the information we need on our MRFs. Because if I have to "guess" on my Governor's MRF one more time, I'll be a very unhappy camper :)

I don't really have much else to say at this point.. Alison and I have been super busy attending Kiwanis meetings this week, to promote our new Tomorrow Fund, as well as to just make the point the Circle K WILL be active with our Kiwanis counterparts this year... we were the guest speakers at the Algiers Kiwanis Meeting on Wednesday night, which was a lot of fun-- and we attended the Lakeside Kiwanis meeting this morning.

The District Cabinet has been working tremendously hard this past week to get everything in gear for the Fall-- here is a brief summary of what each of them are working on.. I'll do some today, and some more tomorrow!

Tommy (OTIC/Travel): Is finishing up I-con.. a list of interclubs will be sent to Club Secretaries soon for your MRF..
he's pretty much paying who needs to be paid, and wrapping up the loose ends. He'll
probably be working on advertising Leaderscape for us, which is coming up soon.

Bobby (Tioga): Bobby is working hard on getting a fabulous Tioga together. Most of the details are already in place,
but he's seeking donations for the event, as well as a logo for the t-shirt (see the monthly mailing
for more information on that) Registration is due on September 26th.

Brandy (K-Family: KC, AC, KK, BC) - As you read, Brandy planned an awesome ice cream social for I-con, and is
working on a K-Family picnic that will possibly occur, as well as finding out
what Builders Club, Aktion Clubs, and K-Kids clubs we have in the District. She's
also looking into the Key to College Program, which will be used heavily in the
month of October.

Chassidy (K-Family: K, CK) - Chassidy is hard at work working on the new Kiwanis Career Contacts (or KC squared)
program. She's working on forms for both Kiwanis and Circle K that will be made
available soon. She's also helping us prepare for our appearance at the Kiwanis
District Convention in Memphis.

Michael (Technology) - Michael has been working so incredibly hard on the new District webpage. Many of you
have had feedback, suggestions, complaints or comments, and right now he is working on
fixing all of them. If you have a suggestion for the new webpage, be sure to get that to
Michael. Also, he is assisting with clubs who need to get reflectors and webpages set up to
get ready for the start of the new year, and recruitment efforts!

Sharron & Angela (D-Con) - Sharron and Angela have been trying to pick date and hotel for convention. They
have a top 3 for hotels, one of which is on U of M's campus, if you or anyone you
know has any hotel connections in that area (Thanks to Brian for already trying)..
please let them know. Sharron will be with us at the Kiwanis Convention!

Ralph (Tomorrow Fund) - Ralph is one of our newest members, but is already working really hard on the
Tomorrow Fund. He is working on the image of the District Tomorrow Fund, the
template letters for the letter writing campaign, as well as new pin/banner-patch
designs, and the Speakers Bureau. If you're interested in being on the Speaker's
Bureau, please contact him.

Lisa (Bulletin) - Lisa is hard at work on the first edition of the District Bulletin, to be distributed at
Summer Rally. Articles are due to her on August 1st. If you have any ideas for
articles, pictures, etc... please get those to her.. the bulletin will only be as good as
YOU make it.

Robert (New Club Building) - Robert is still looking for people who are interested in serving on the Task Force for
New club Building. Especially needed are people near Lafayette/Eunice to assist
with the new LSU-E club... and people in Piney Hills near Centenary. People in Gulf
Coast are needed for efforts at Xavier as well-- although we really need ALL five
divisions to be represented.

That's it for now... as soon as I get the DL on what's going on with the other Cabinet members, I'll be sure to let you know!

More updates throughout the week (as I'm busy working to serve YOU, the member)... start the comments coming though, will ya? I'm sad and lonely without them... no one reads this blog anymore, I guess. :)


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