Sunday, July 13, 2003

Oh, and if anyone cares to know what Trustees I've requested-- I won't publish that online, as some of my comments were very blunt-- but I will be sure to let you know if you e-mail/call/IM me, or catch me in my online office hours-- if you're interested. We will know the first week in August who our assigned counselor will be.

Also.. LMT pins (the red/white/blue ones we've been using for the past 2 years) are on sale... I only have about 100 left, and they are $1 a piece. If you want one, you better act now-- because you'll never be able to buy these again (or at least for the next 2 or so years, they can also choose to reprint them at a later date). Also, Tommy still has goody packets & I-con stickers/pins for sale.. even if you did not attend I-con, you can still purchase one. Packets are selling for $20, but perhaps if you contact Tommy you can bargain with him, or just buy the shirt, etc.. the shirt is our DISTRICT theme for the entire year (and not an international convention theme)-- so we will be wearing them all year long! And, I have Circle K International Tomorrow Fund Pins on sale for $3 each, benefitting the CKI Tomorrow Fund. If you'd like one, or you have questions, contact me, or Ralph.

And, check out our new website--- Michael has been working very hard on it... it's still obviously a work in progress-- but there is lots of great information up there already, and new stuff EVERY DAY-- so be sure to check it often. And if you have a suggestion, be sure to let Michael know!


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