Monday, September 27, 2004

T.I.O.G.A And updates

We have 4 days left until Survivor T.I.O.G.A. Phylisca and Todd have been working hard along with your District Board to ensure that this weekend is a balance of fun, fellowship, knowledge and unforgettable experiences. Don't forget to bring your pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, dollar bills, and any other United States currency. :) I would like to ask if anyone has counting and/or sorting machines that would be a great benefit for counting the money for the Tommorow Fund.

I also would like you to know of the service project that is entitled "Flood Buckets". We will be using the required buckets for the game portion of Survivor Weekend and then during free time those who would like to will help put together these buckets. These buckets will contain cleaning supplies for the victims of the past 4 hurricanes and future ones as well. Each bucket has to have specific items in there. I will be posting to the LaMissTenn yahoo group and the Presidents reflector as well. We will be making 14 buckets which when filled will be the equivalent of $490.00. This is a great way to get involved and help those less fortunate.

Can't wait to see everyone at T.I.O.G.A.!!!



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