Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Hi Everyone... happy Wednesday!

Club officers are going to be sent e-mails regarding the status of your Back to School Mailing. If you haven't gotten them by now, don't worry-- there was a problem with the mail at Circle K International. You should be getting them shortly. If you have any questions on the status of the packet, or on any of the contents of the packet- you can contact a district board member, particularly the LTGs. We've all gotten our packets in advance, so they are willing and ready to answer any questions!

Tioga is coming so fast... I can't wait! I can't mention enough how important it is to let all of your members (not just the ones you think would be interested) know about Tioga. The registration deadline has passed, YES-- but you can still register! And $45 is still a great price... so don't let that discourage any of you. Remember, Tioga is primarily a fun, team-building experience for all-- but it's also a great asset for your clubs.. I can't think of any better way to show new members the very essence of Circle K-- and all the work in planning the event is already done for you!

On that note, Governor's Shoutout today goes to the entire Tioga Crew. Bobby Schroeder has done an incredible job (and the workload is far from over) planning this weekend. Major props to him-- and I'm sure you will all see there what I'm talking about now. Thanks also to Brandy Bowen and Tommy Stephenson, on the assist-- and Amanda Fortenberry and other alumni, as well as the team captains-- the list goes on and on. You know who you are, if you're helping-- THANK YOU.

International Corner goes to our Trustee Doug Smith from O-Hi-O. You will all be meeting Doug in just under two weeks, at Tioga--- so make sure you get to meet him then, but you can still meet him now. IF you need any questions answered or whatever from him about the International Board or committees-- ask him now so he will be prepared to answer your questions at Tioga. Doug's information can be found on the District website.

That's it.. I'm off to a Loyola Circle K meeting!


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