Thursday, August 21, 2003

Time for a Thursday Update!

Not too much going on here, I'm getting ready for school just like the rest of you (except for UL who already started and Tech who won't start for quite a while, but you get the point).

TIOGA! A couple of little birdies have been telling me about the great surprises that await you at Tioga... and they are good, believe me. The excitement keeps building, and building for Tioga-- and it is really looking to be one of the most memorable we've ever had. Start saving up now, it would be awful to miss this event because you couldn't afford it, especially since it's only $35 registration. Make sure you get your new members to come and experience this time honored LaMissTenn tradition! Also.. start planning your Togas! Registration is due September 26th. Also, they are still looking for T-shirt designs, the winning design gets a free registration! Take advantage of that..

K-Family East
is coming up as well.. I received the registration packet in the mail today. Sponsored by the Carolinas district, this is a leadership type building experience for Kiwanis, Circle K, and Key Club. Held in the beautiful mountains of Black Mountain, NC.. it will be an experience to remember. Please note, this event occurs the weekend after Tioga... so make sure you prepare for that. Although K-East is a GREAT event.. I would strongly advise anyone not to skip/miss Tioga for it. So, if you want to go to K-East, that's great-- but try to plan on going to both events. The registration info will be distributed soon... the $150-200 a person (depending on how many people you want in your room) will be due October 10th.

That's about it for now.. Gov's Shoutout: goes to Bobby Schroeder, Tioga Commissioner, who's doing a great job getting that All-Star weekend ready for us... and Alison Pellegrine, who did a great job with the minutes & paperwork from Summer Rally... keep up the good work!

International Corner: The 2003-2004 Circle K International Board is looking for ways that we can better market Circle K to Key Clubbers. Aside from the friendships, leadership roles, service, etc.. they are looking for some tangible incentives that we can offer Key Clubbers. Please post your ideas here, or get them to me, (or post in the member community on our District website), so I can get them to CKI. Thanks!


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