Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Hey guys, just a quickie to thank the following Cabinet members and clubs who submitted their July MRF's on time

Lisa Ashby - Bulletin
Lauren Call - Service
Chassidy DuPont - K Family Kiwanis & CKI
Michael Arcement - Technology
Bobby Schroeder - Tioga
Angela Jackson/Sharron Todd - DCON
Robert Tummons - New Club Building

UTM - Kara Mattice
NSU - Leigh Ann Greathouse
LSU - Danielle Schroeder
LaTech - Jaime Folse
UNO - Ashley Taylor
Tulane - Amanda Bielonko

A note for club secretaries and treasurers....I will be creating new yahoo groups for you all this week. This will be for communication and questions concerning your job as club secretary or club treasurer and also to help with and problems you encounter as the new semester begins. Be on the lookout for that coming soon!

As you all already know by now, our new counseling trustee for the year is Doug Smith of the Ohio District. Rebecca sent this information out over the reflector yesterday, so if you are not on the reflector, sign up now!

And as a side note about Michael's comment about preferring shorter posts daily to longer ones weekly or bi-weekly....I know that sometimes I get long-winded on this thing, so I am trying to work out a schedule of sorts for posting with Rebecca. Once this is established, we will begin posting more regularly on certain days of the week. Updates on that will be coming shortly!

And that is all for my Wednesday update!


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