Thursday, July 24, 2003

Greetings, the time is now 4:00am! (No, sleep is not important.. anymore)

First.. everything Ali said is very important. Do it. Please? Especially the part about the website! The resources part of the site has been streamlined now, so it should be 150% easier to find anything that your heart desires. And if you can't find something- let us know so that you'll be able to find it next time. (Or learn how to find it yourself)

Second.. Summer Rally. There aren't that many people registered yet for Summer Rally. Key word there is YET. I'm hoping that number will go up, and I know for a fact (because we're on Circle K time) that there are people who are waiting until we get there to register. Although this technically is okay-- please remember that Becki & the super folks at Mississippi State are trying to plan for room accomodations, as well as meals. The cost is already really cheap, and the process is as lax as can be-- please make it a little easier on them and let them know if you plan on attending. A registration form would also be nice-- with as much money as you can send at the time (balance to be paid in full when you get there). Summer Rally is one of the few events we have isn't budgeted before hand. Any money that is spent for Summer Rally, comes from registration for Summer Rally. Ie-- they can't spend your money on the event until they get it :)
Please keep that in mind-- and spread the word to let Becki know if you're attending..

Third.. if anyone has a karaoke machine-- the District needs it! Please let me know if we can borrow it! We'll try to thank you.. somehow (probably on this blog) for your participation. :)

Fourth (I'm really good at counting, don't ya'll agree? I should have been Secretary-Treasurer with my pimp counting skills) 2.. MRF's AH AH AH AH... 3 MRF's AH AH AH AH... I need more! If you haven't sent your MRF it's late! Better late than never!

#5 - Please check out the new District calendar, located on our lovely new District website (I can cheap plug too, Ali!) Click on Resources and then Calendar. The calendar is maintained by Michael & your District Board. If you have any events (little or big), let us know and we'll get them up there!

Six - "Seasons of Service" is almost about to switch from Summer to Fall. Make sure to get some more Elderly projects in before it's too late! For more information or ideas, contact Service Initiative Chair Lauren Call at

Governor's Shoutout for today: Chassidy DuPont, for everything Alison said & more, and Brandy Bowen, for donating her pictures (temporarily) for use of the online website picture gallery. Also, to Bayou South Zone Administrator Ms. Marti Harrell -- for desigining the lovely "Sky's the Limit" theme button on the new website.

That's it for now-- I'd give you an International Corner.. but seeing as how the new Circle K website has thoroughly confused me, I'll wait until later.

Oh, btw.. sorry I keep telling you guys to comment-- I realize now that the comments have been down for the past few days. So, write your comments down so you don't forget them, and be sure to post when they come back up! :)

That's it for now... remember that today is "Hug your Gov Day!" -- I'll be waiting.


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