Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Welcome to Wednesday, LaMissTenn. It's now time for updates from your sec/treas....please, hold your applause until the end (if you make it to the end, that is!)

First of all, I just uploaded some very important information to the district reflector and the presidents reflector. There is a spreadsheet with all board, cabinet, and club officer info listed. Special thanks to Chassidy DuPont who helped me get that started back in April. Now that it is almost complete, it is posted. You will notice that there is still some stuff missing, so if you have those missing persons, please let me or your LTG know asap so it can be updated.

Second, the July mailing was sent out last week to board members and presidents as well as administrators. If you are one of those people and did not receive your copy, let me know and we will fix that right away. Also, the files are posted on the website for everyone to access. The mailing includes info on the Service Initiative, Tioga, Bulletin, Summer Rally, and much much more!!

Next, go check out the website! There is a link right here on this very page (look to the left, see it....good!) Just click on it and see what Michael has done to our website. It goes with our theme and it looks great. If you have additions, corrections, or suggestions, there is a feedback form you can fill out. Also, if you are not a member of the district reflector, there is a button you can use to sign up on the home page of the website. Well worth the 12 seconds it takes to fill out, may I add!

Moving on, Summer Rally is less than a month away and we need to get pumped up about this event! Registration was due to Becki Simonis on July 15th, but you can register late at an additional $10 cost, still a bargain for only $50. If you are still considering going, get in touch with her asap and let her know. All the forms you need are on the website (yes, see how I am plugging the site??) and you can email Becki with any questions at

And finally, the newest big event in CKI today, K Family Day at Six Flags. This event will take place at Six Flags, New Orleans on Sept. 13 from 10am-8pm. The event, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of New Orleans, invites all K Family members and friends, family, and acquaintences of K Family members to join in fellowship at Six Flags. Dave Harvey, zone admin for Gulf Coast will be coordinating CKI registration for the event. The registration form was sent to the district reflector and will soon be available on the website also. Cost is 17.50 and that is due with your registration form no later than August 20, 2003. If you have questions, please get in touch with me or Rebecca.

A few other reminders/deadlines/events to remember:

July 24 - 530pm Second Havesters Food Bank with UNO CKI
July 31-Aug 3 - Kiwanis District Convention in Memphis
Aug 1 - Bulletin articles due to Lisa Ashby
Aug 10 - Ronald McDonald House with UNO CKI
Aug 10 - Deadline to submit designs for Tioga t-shirts to Bobby Schroeder
Aug 12 - Second Harvesters Food Bank with UNO CKI
Aug 15-17 - Summer Rally in Starkville, MS
Aug 19 - St Anthony's Bingo with UNO CKI
Aug 26-27 - UNO CKI 36 hour blood drive

So be sure to mark your calendars for these exciting events!

That's all for me for today, leave some comments if you are reading and have a great rest of the week!


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