Thursday, August 07, 2003

Well.. I've gotten the urge (and time) to post, so I guess Thursday will be my day. Don't hold me to that though, I make no promises :) Let's just assume, it will be "Thursday, circle k time."

Here's a trustee update if you're interested...
This is what I know so far. We don't know who all the Governor's have- because many of them haven't found out yet. I myself was upset because I was 10th or so to find out, and it was really frustrating not knowing when everyone else did- so I can't imagine how those Govs feel... Not sure whether the trustees are poor in contacting them, whether they have poor contact info, or what-- but either way, it's a messed up situation. But, if you're interested-- here is what I know so far:

Ryan - Michigan
Doug - LaMissTenn (yay), Alabama, Georgia, New Jersey
Katie - Western Canada, Kentucky-Tennessee, Nebraska-Iowa
Rory - Minnesota-Dakotas (no clue who else)
Erin - New York (no clue who else)
Aisha - no clue
Stacey - no clue, have heard Eastern Canada & Carribbean
Matt - New England, Wisconsin-Upper-Michigan, Ohio
Abbie - Rocky Mountain (no clue who else)
Steven - Capital, California-Nevada-Hawaii, Carolinas, Southwest

So.. we bid farewell to Trustee Ricky, and Brother Districts Ohio & Florida. Alabama is now a brother AND a sister district (how interesting), with Georgia and Jersey. Welcome guys.. it's cool to have 4 of us.

If ya'll are wondering why I did not bid farewall to Ricky in my e-mail, there is a reason for that. I know he may be reading this- but I am looking for stories about Ricky and or pictures that I can send to him (nicely packaged) to thank him for his devotion to counseling LMT. We will wish him well on a later date, when that is ready.

New Trustee Doug Smith (Ohio) is somewhere in the Bahamas now, on a trip with his family.. but as soon as he returns, I will get his contact information, and other fun stuff to you. I'm still waiting to find out if he will be with us at our legendary Fall Trainer.


Next topic, Kiwanis District Convention..
Tucker, myself, Mark, and Marti attended. I know that I personally had a blast...
they had the regular sessions and workshops that we usually have,
plus a night on Beale Street & a 50's theme party. Those Kiwanians
really get down, I'm telling you.

I have lots of pictures to show you-- as soon as I get my camera back
(which I left in Memphis), I'll scan the pics and send them to
Michael for the website.

I went and spoke to the Kiwanis Foundation, and they were very
pleased that we made the effort to be there. I wrote them a letter on behalf of the District Board thanking them
.. Also, as a token of thanks- we donated the painting that Andrew Andersen (Northwestern) did for I-con
for their silent auction. They loved it, and chose it as one of the
top 3 items (which were auctioned off live). I'm pleased to say that
Andrew's item was the #2 item sold, raising $225.

I gave a speech, and many of them seemed to enjoy it, I'm pleased to
say...Also the session that Mark & I answered questions at was successful
as well. The Kiwanians are THRILLED about the Kiwanis Career
Contacts program, and all are eager to give to the District Tomorrow

We had a lot of fun with the Key Clubbers that were there (Gov Dru Gremillion, and LTG's Tiffany Borne (New Orleans), Ryan Rebowe (Baton Rouge), and Houston Adair (Memphis)) .. if you happen to get to meet any of this fine people- or the rest of the board, do so.. they are grrrrreat!

The Kiwanis clubs that sponsor LSU-A, LSU-S, Centenary, Lamar-Salter, & Jeff Davis ALL want Circle K clubs on their campuses this year -- and are very excited about the growth and status of our District.. so that's definitely a good start for New Club Building.

Also, we chose our hotel for District Convention! We will meet, March 12-14, 2004 at the Airport Days Inn in Memphis, but more on that later.. but the hotel is awesome.

All in all it was a very exciting weekend!!!

Governor's Shoutout: Tucker Leigh, for his great job at KI D-con, Lisa Ashby for her fine work in preparing the Bulletin this week, Ralph Johnson, Chassidy Dupont, Bobby Schroeder, Ali, Michael, and Robert Tummons, & Tommy for their hard work in helping me prepare for KI DCON

International Corner:
I've finally figured out how to find all the stuff on the CKI website that used to be there but doesn't seem to be any more. Click on "search" (at the bottom of the page).. and the letter of whatever topic you're looking for (D for District Leaders, I for International Board, for example).. and there you go!

Sorry for the length! If you read this, you get an award! But this is what happens when I have pent up info! More shorter updates the rest of the week though, I promise :)


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