Thursday, October 02, 2003

Long time, no see, LaMissTenn!

Sorry for not writing in such a long time, but from talking to several of you via e-mail and phone-- I know that everyone has had a hard time getting back into the swing of the school year. Alas, just as we get used to it-- midterms are on the way (ugh).. but here are some Circle K updates:

This past weekend I drove six hours to Memphis, TN - the site of our 2004 District Convention. I met with our District Convention Co-Chairs, Sharron Todd and Angela Jackson of University of Memphis, and we toured the hotel, and took a first look, smell, and taste, of all of the events & activites we have planned for you! Most of it is being kept a surprise, but I will say this: You will definitely not have "Circle K Blues" when you're eating Corky's BBQ! That stuff is GOOD.
Sharron & Angela are busy working for you on the event, and have lots of great ideas. If you're interested in helping with the convention (or being on the host committee), they still have several openings. More Information on D-Con will come at and following Tioga.

Additionally, I got to participate with University of Memphis Circle K in a service project-- and it's the yummiest one I've ever been to.... our job was making Funnel Cakes at a craft fair! I don't think they'll ever let me pour the batter or the sugar again (way too much) but it was fun regardless.. props to them for a great project!

LSU and UNO also had big projects this past weekend... UNO had their Team Building Day.. and LSU had their Sports Picnic. Hopefully Presidents Ralph & Lauren (or some other representatives) will give us updates on how those events went. I heard they were well attended, and beneficial for all who participated. Way to go, ya'll!

Finally.. of course we are ALL excited about TIOGA! Just 15 more days until we get to one of the most exciting events in our District. So far, registration this year is excellent- and it's very possible we'll have one of the biggest and best crowds ever. Bobby and his team of coaches have a LOT in store for you-- every day I find out about a new surprise that's awaiting you. It's not too late to register (although the registration fee has now been upped to $45) so let's try to convince some of our newer members to take part in the festivities. And don't forget to go shopping for a sports costume for Saturday and of course-- the Toga for the toga party. Creativity will be rewarded! :) Clubs may want to go together to Walmart to plan Togas together for extra pre-Tioga fun/spirit. I am SO excited about Tioga-- and can't wait to see all of you there!

Also... (I know I said Finally before, giving you the illusion that this was almost over.. but I lied) :) District Bulletin Editor Lisa Ashby is busy compiling the 2nd issue of our Bulletin, Inside the Circle -- Articles were due yesterday, but I have the feeling that if you get your article in by Friday or Saturday, and it's good, she'll take it :) The last bulletin was excellent, lets strive to make every issue better and better. If your club has something to advertise-- take advantage of this, it's free, you don't have to spend club money on copies!

Finally... International Corner: Ryan Toth, our International VP has published the reports from the various International committees. If you'd like a copy of them (to see where your dues money is going) I'd be happy to send you a copy. I will also try to get Alison/Michael to add those to the District reflectors and possibly District website.

Governor's Shoutout: Today goes to the new clubs at Louisiana College and Centenary College. Louisiana College, in Pineville, chartered last year in January, but had a tough time. They are now rebuilding, have elected brand new officers, and are sending all of their officers to Tioga! Way to go! Centenary is in Shreveport, and is brand spanking new.. they are attempting to charter at this time, and have already elected new officers (and are sending them to Tioga as well). Be sure to meet these new members at Tioga and make them feel like they are a part of our LaMissTenn Family. If you have assistance to offer, you can contact LC President Laurie Jackson or Centenary President Stephanie Crow. Props also to LTG Tasha Hargrove and New Club Building Chair Robert Tummons for their hard work!

That's it for now.. be sure to comment, and I will work on keeping this better updated. Keep checking out the blog, website, and member community on the District website as well!


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