Thursday, May 06, 2004


Well as Laurie posted we had a very productive weekend in preparation for the year to come. What she did not mention was the fact that board became attack to Game Boy Advance SP especially playing American Idol. There were fights over the game. Also not mention on the cabinet list because they were not chosen this weekend were Rebecca Fox (Loyola) - On to International Convention Chair and Danielle Schroeder (LSU) - President's Council Chair. We didn't forget about you girls thanks for being part of the cabinet.

We have approximately 22 Circle K'er going to International Convention. It promises to be a blast so I hope all of you who are coming are excited. Our caucus room theme is "Happy 7th Birthday"! So basically it is a kid birthday party. Dress like you did when you were 7 we'll have cake, games, etc. We are with the Alabama, Georgia, and New Jersey District so we will have a wild but fun room. Our District Meeting at International Convention is scheduled for July 1 at 5 PM. I know this is way advanced notice but I just wanted everyone to plan for it.

Please remember that if your club boards need any assistance or training the district board is here to help. Our next meeting is May 28-29 and will surely be as productive. If you have anything you need to go before the board please submit it ASAP. Good Luck on Finals Everyone!

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