Friday, March 05, 2004


Yep that's right just one week away, and we'll all be in Memphis, TN. WOW how time flies!

Here are a few DCON reminders for everyone:
*Wear club shirts on Friday
*Bring MONEY for the 2 auctions being held & snacks
*Send in electronic pictures to Michael
*Bring CKI pictures for scrapbook session
*Have a club cheer ready
*Bring decorations for Caucase Rooms
*Have scrapbooks and such ready to be judged
*Be ready to have fun!!!

Other Reminders & Thank You's:
- MRF's are due
- Thank you for early MRF's:
Louisiana College, Tech, Michael, MSU, and Lisa
- Thanks for all the help & participants in the Bayou South Rally, and it was nice seeing everyone there
- And there is probably one more thing, but I can't think of it at the moment :( (so keep checking the blog and e-mail for updates)



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