Monday, January 26, 2004

Hey everyone--

By now all Presidents have gotten a heads up on the cost for District Convention, as well as the registration packets (which will be posted onto the District website as well, shortly). Memphis is coming closer- and I am so excited about it. I will find a way to post pictures and link to fun Memphis sites on the blog as well... be on the look out for that!

Pretty much everyone is back in school now and many of you are having your first club meetings (Tulane's is tonight, which I will be attending with Gulf Coast LTG Bich) - please let me know if you'd like a board member to attend. We also need dates for your upcoming projects, dances, events, etc.... or no one will come! :)

I'm asking that everyone continue to get back into the service... we're pretty low on service hours this year, and I'm not really sure why- but in the past 3 months we've had double what we did in all the other months. Keep up the great work! Also, don't forget that we are now approaching our 4th and final Season of Service, Teens. Projects that you can do are : Operation Glass Slipper, which helps collect prom dresses for underpriviledged girls, Prom Fest: a project which prevents teens from drinking and driving on prom night by holding an alternative party/fair for them, and projects on anti-drug and anti-alcohol abuse. Education on preventing teen pregnancy is also an option. We all were (or still are) teenagers, so this is an easy group for us to target well! Be creative, and find a project that works for your club.

If your club hasn't paid dues- you need to! Remember that if you don't have 20 paid members, you will not be represented with delegates at our District Convention. Additionally, if a member is not dues paid or in good standing, they will not be eligible to run for District office. Please get that money in as soon as possible! For questions on that, contact Chassidy, District Sec-Treas at

Governor's Shoutout: Goes to UL Circle K, who just handled a change in officers, and put up a great new website! But, most importantly, who have been making great stides in their efforts to collect money for IDD! For more info on Iodine Deficiency Disorder, or the Kiwanis pledge to put an end to it, visit the Kiwanis International Website,

International Corner: Remember that the Circle K International office is accepting applications for a position as an intern this summer. You will get to work in the International office in Indianapolis, will be right in the heart of the Circle K and Kiwanis International action, and will get a stipend for it as well! I've sent the application out over the lamisstenn group already but- let me know if you need another copy

That's it for today.. more later!



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