Tuesday, January 06, 2004

LSSP 2004: The Large Scale Service Project, or LSSP as it's affectionately called, is making great strides to make this years project, to be held before International Convention, one of the best ever! They've published a newsletter just a few days ago... be sure to check out the link! For more information on LSSP 2004, contact LaMissTenn Service Chair, Lauren Call, or our very own Chassidy DuPont, who serves on the LSSP committee!

Also, Don't forget about Ya'll Conference, which is coming up in 2 weeks! Held in Jekyll Island, GA-- this event is great for all of the Southern Districts to get together and celebrate Circle K. For more information, check out OUR district website, under Resources, then under events, then under Ya'll 2004, or contact Chassidy DuPont, our K-Family Kiwanis/Circle K chairs. Georgia is one of our Brother Districts, so it'd be awesome for us to support them.. and a little birdie has told me that our favorite "Special K/Grit Boy/Stud-Muffin" Doug Smith will be there, too! But not as trustee, he'll be in disguise! Even more of a reason to go to Ya'll! And it's a Pirate Theme! RRRRRRRR!

That's it for now! Catch ya on the flip side!


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