Monday, December 08, 2003

Hey guys...

It's been awhile, yes- I know- but I think you all are aware that it's exam week for most of us.
A few brief program notes:

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending the UNO CKI Banquet- props to them for what looks like a bunch of dedicated new members. Notable attendees were Mr. Leo LeBourgeois, President of Lakeside Kiwanis, Emily & Bich from Loyola, as well as Alison, and Ralph representing LSU, and Jenny, Cliff, and Princess representing Tulane- along with Gulf Coast ZA Dave Harvey and wife Casey Grace Harvey. Fun times were had by all.

A new survey is soon to debut, it will first be sent to the Presidents and other Club Officers asking for feedback on things like District events and leadership training, communication, and how the District Board is working for you. Eventually, it is my fondest desire that we'll be able to get one out to the membership as well- asking about what service projects, initiatives, member benefits, and education people would like available in the near future. I hope to get these out soon so that I can get them back and look at them before Christmas break is up... more on this later!

Presidents & Club/District Chairs - don't forget to let me (or another D-Board member) know if you are planning a big event next year! We want to make sure to get it on our calendar (which you can view by going to the District website, link to the left).

Lisa's been working very hard on the latest issue of the bulletin-- if you guys have any feedback or comments/questions to her on that- now would be the time to send them her way!

Don't forget that it is now (and has been for some time) the Holidays! This means that we are now in our Holiday portion of our Seasons for Service Initiative! (Which, btw, is so spankin good that I hear that one of the Key Club Districts, who will remain nameless- has a service initiative by the same name! Coincedence, perhaps- but that's pretty cool, don't you think?) The Holiday portion of our Service Initiative focuses on doing service for ALL members of our community, regardless of age- with a special emphasis on families. This means, blood drives, Christmas can drives/meal distributions, Secret Santa/Angel Tree, etc. etc... you get the point. A lot of us go home for Christmas- but that doesn't mean we can't do Service still!

Here's a new feature.. the "I Ask You" Poll- I get questions all the stinkin time-- now I get to ask you! Muhahaha. So here's the question: Michigan, and other Districts, as well as Key Club International- have been trying the Random Acts of Kindness campaign. VERY Cool, with endless possibilities- and we can make it work with our Service Initiative. What you do: you make little cards that say "You've been RAK'ed! (Random Act of Kindness). Please pass this along and do a kind act for someone else! Btw, the person who cared enough about you even though you were a stranger was a member of CKI- Here is information if you'd like to join us". So... good service (you can do alone, or with others).. and recruitment as well! It's fun to randomly surprise people (you can pay for their tolls at a bridge, or pick up someone's books they dropped, etc.).. and it brings us back to the heart of what it is that we do. SERVICE. It doesn't have to be a huge project to make a difference in someone's life-- and I think a lot of our very best members were recruited when a Circle K'er did something nice for them to touch their life. Think about it and let me know what you guys think!

That's about it... everyone have a SAFE and very happy HOLIDAY! My office hours are cancelled this week- due to exams, obviously.. but I will be back next week! I should probably have extended office hours over Christmas, as well.

Governor's Shoutout: Today goes to Northwestern State University, who raised the most in our Penny Wars, as well as Louisiana College, who WON our Penny Wars, Alison who has been instrumental in the Pennies and Tomorrow Fund Campaign, and very specifically- Ralph Johnson, our Tomorrow Fund Chair. Because of all of their efforts (and the hard work of our very special District) - we are being asked for information to be featured in Circle K Magazine for being the #1 district to collect for the International Tomorrow Fund, and to share ideas about how to collect/raise money for other Districts.. so.. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

International Shoutout Please, by all means, check out the International Scholarship packet on the CKI website, as well as the District packet which should have been mailed by your club. MANY of the deadlines fall over Christmas break- so it's imperative that if you need a transcript, letter of reccomendation, etc.. you ask for them now before you leave school. These scholarships are always GROSSLY under applied for- I guarantee you if you do, it will be worth your while.. you never know what may happen!


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