Sunday, November 23, 2003

So, here's what happened at the Circle K International board meeting this past weekend in Indianapolis, IN:

Agenda Points:

1) LSSP 2004 - LSSP 2004 will be held BEFORE I-con, as always, instead of having it afterwards. Despite the early I-con date, people still prefer it before I-con, to make friends and get revved up prior to the convention.

2) The Plagarism Policy - the new plagarism policy, which prevents clubs or persons from using content from Circle K international or its website (and gives the International Board the right to define the punishment/action against those that do) has PASSED

3) International Convention 2008 will be held in Denver, Colorado- August 7-10th.

4) Several budget changes/cuts were made.. they are too numerous to list here, but if you e-mail me at or IM me at Becca187 or GovernorRebecca I'd be happy to explain them to you.

5) Charters of Clubs were revoked, with the clause that if CKI Director Casey Keller receives a letter of intent from their sponsoring Kiwanis club then this decision may be changed. The only clubs in LMT that were affected by this were Nicholls State and Our Lady of Holy Cross College.

6) CKI Committee Directives & Updates were given out, and that will be posted to the LaMissTenn e-group files section (and the District website) as soon as I get them.

That's it! Let me know if you have questions! Comment away!



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