Thursday, January 08, 2004

The District Board met tonight.. we discussed district officer vacancies, and our upcoming board meetings which will occur on January 31st in New Orleans, and at the Ya'll Conference in Georgia. We also discussed scheduling Divisional Rallies, and you will hear the dates of those coming soon.
The LaMissTenn District Leadership Day will no longer occur on January 31st, but will be a spectacular session in conjunction with each of the Divisional Rallies, so if you are thinking of running for a District Office, wondering what exactly is the role of District officers, or just wondering about what it takes to be a leader and what your personal leadership style is, this definitely will be for you!

In other news.. thanks and congratulations to the following clubs and cabinet members who submitted their monthly reports on time:

Clubs -
University of New Orleans, Lauren & Ashley
Cabinet -
K-Family SOAP, Brandy
Laws & Regs, Mickey
Technology, Michael

On Time:

Clubs -
Louisiana Tech, Kristi & Jaime
Northwestern, Laurie & LeighAnn
UL, Rani & Priscilla
LSU, Ralph & Danielle
& Tulane, Jenny & Amanda

Cabinet - District Convention, Angela & Sharron
Service, Lauren
Tomorrow Fund, Ralph

Thanks to everyone for their hard work! You guys deserve a pat on the back!


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