Sunday, February 29, 2004

Hi Everyone!

I write to you from Baton Rouge, where I'm just waking up (yeah I know) after a night of fun and excitement at the LSU Dance! Yesterday we had the Bayou South Rally, with great sessions and lots of ideas on service, communication, and K-Family from members both old and new. Then we headed on to the LSU Dance, "Classic Black & White" - and had fun eating M&M's (Black and white of course!) Oreo's, and other B&W food, while feeling like we were in a vintage movie. Both the Rally and the Dance were great--- props to Joseph from UL and Ralph from LSU and their boards for a great job with the rally.. and props to Chassidy DuPont and her social committee for an excellent dance!

I don't have much more time to talk, because I'm headed to the final part of the BS Weekend of Fun- the UL Benefit Concert in Lafayette. So.. I'll see you guys later!


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