Wednesday, February 04, 2004

My first posting...

Wow, this is exciting! Well, I wanted to let everyone know that the board had a productive meeting this past weekend, and a lot of discussion went on about District Convention too. These minutes will be posted soon (hopefully by the end of this weekend).

Upcoming Dates --

For the month of February:
6th- 7AM UNO is leading Lakeside Kiwanis Meeting
7th- NSU's Medieval Ball from 7-11 PM for IDD
13-15th- Kiwanis Mid-Winter in Baton Rouge
14th/15th- Loyola going to Children's Hospital
17th- Loyola is having dinner at Ronald McDonald House
21st- Piney Hills Divsional Rally
28th- Bayou South's divisional Rally
LSU's Dance from 7-10 PM
29th- ULL's Benefit Concert from 2-8 PM

For the month of March:
7th- Gulf Coast's Divsional Rally
12-14th- District Convention in Memphis, TN

If you have any questions about these events please e-mail me at

Oh and I want to thank our DCON chair, MSU, and Tulane for turning in their MRF's early- you rock!!!



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