Monday, May 03, 2004

Greetings Fellow Circle K Members,

Your 2004-2005 District Board Members had a great Board Training Weekend. I will be just posting the high lights and will have the actual minutes done by Thursday as I am still finishing finals. We started out on Saturday afternoon and worked through to Sunday early afternoon. The following are the highlights:

We did a team building activity and our favorite word "ice breaker” where we found out how well we work together as a team. We discussed our expectations of each other as representatives of LAMISSTENN. We found out everyone's true colors: Lauren and Ralph are Orange, Lindsay is green, Dave and Jenny are gold and Mark is blue and I am tied at blue and gold. We will balance each other out.

Some expectations that were shared were for all of us to take visible roles in our respective divisions so that members will not get to DCON and say, "I did not even know I had an LTG? Who is our LTG?"

Reports were given out by each LTG, Mark Mobley, myself, and Governor Lauren Call. The biggest thing that we have to do this year is work on membership both with growth and stabilization.

At this time we have 265 paid International members and 263 District members.

We discussed the possibilities of clubs for each division. Then we moved into discussing how we would keep in contact with the members of LAMISSTENN. There will be blogs for each division so that you will be able to find out information specific for your division.

We voted on accepting a change in the budget so that we would not be in hole anymore. The cuts had to happen due to the decrease of membership this year.

District Goals were set and will be published in better form latter this week. Our Service Hour Goal will be 10, 000 hours. Our Service Initiative is going to be Band-Aids, (more information to come with meeting minutes), and your district board service hour goal is 1000 hours. Membership goals will be 5 new clubs with a membership total goal of 400 members to bring LAMISSTENN to a 17 club status. Tomorrow Fund Goals will be 3000 for District and 2500 for International. K-family goals are to strengthen each one of them especially Key Club, to find out exactly which Kiwanis sponsor which K-family groups, to find locations of all Builders, K-Kids and Aktion clubs to encourage each CKI club to have interclubs with each K-Family branch. Cabinet goals will be for each member to do their job and to complete monthly reports and keep all informed. We want to give them more than just a definition of their jobs so that the expectations are much clearer.

Results of Agenda Points: All were passed; greater details will be in minutes.

#1 - We voted to strike out the restriction on 10 days to turn in committee chair applications to one week prior to district officer training or a date set by the governor - passed

#2 - Fundraising and Finance Chair to be combined with the Tomorrow Fund - passed

#3 - Striking out Cabinet Director - passed

#4 - Combining Fall Conference and MDE chair and naming it MDE chair

#5 - kept one chair in new club building but we stipulated that each division will have a new club building task force leader who will be appointed by the LTG of that division.

#6 - District Convention Location will be in - Baton Rouge

#7 - Summer Rally time and location - UNO between July 15 and August 15

#8 - Service Initiative - Band Aid

#9 - Cabinet Removal process clarifications

#10 - Fall Training Conference Location - Fountainbleu State Park in Mandeville, LA

#11 - Laws and Regs clarification on duties - passes

2004-2004 Cabinet Members are in no particular order: Congratulations to all!!

District Convention: Casey Boudreaux - LSU
MDE - Phylisca Gibson - NSU and Todd Balden - LSU
New Club Building - Bich Nguyen - Loyola
Service Initiative - Josh Matassa - Loyola
Laws and Reg - Tasha Hargrove - NSU
K-Family - Kiwanis/CKI - Tonya Coleman - NSU
SOAPS - Krystle Chatman - UNO
Fundraising and Finance - Cliff Nelson - Tulane
Technology - Robert Tummons - NSU
District Bulletin - Courtney Taylor - Tulane

Vacant LTG spots will be covered by Governor Lauren Call and District Secretary Treasurer Laurie Brown.

The district theme will be: Building a Foundation for the Future

Fall training will still be called Tioga (Training In Organizational Growth Achievements)

Since your board will be laying the foundation down here are the tools:

Governor Lauren Call is the Needle Nose Pliers guiding us threw the year.
District Secretary/Treasurer Laurie Brown is the tape measure to keep track of our progress
Bayou South LTG Ralph Johnson is the buzz saw between all the clubs of Bayou South
Gulf Coast LTG Jenny Wells is the drill, making sure all is well in Gulf Coast and
Piney Hills LTG Lindsay Mallary is the nail holding Piney Hills together.

There are other tools that will help with our foundation

Zone Administrator Dave Harvey is the wrench, tightening up lose ends.
Zone Administrator Marti Howell is the hot glue gun to make sure things stay on track
Assistant District Administrator Lenny Simmons is the nut.

Keeping us all together is District Administrator Mark Mobley with the tool belt who keeps us all together for LAMISSTENN to join together in "Building Our Foundation for the Future”

I apologize for the long post. There will be greater details on each of the main points later this week and the minutes will be posted by Thursday.

If you have any questions please fill free to contact myself or Governor Lauren Call.

Don’t forget your Monthly reports and Good Luck with your finals,

Laurie Brown


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