Thursday, May 13, 2004

Here we are on Thursday...I almost missed it. I hope finals are going well for everyone and if they are over congratulation and I hope you did well. I have been debating all day about what I am going to post and I'm still not quite there, but here we go.

Summer Rally - We have a date. Summer Rally will July 30 - August 1 at the University of New Orleans. More Information will be forthcoming very soon. Speaking of UNO - if anyone is in the New Orleans area during the summer we still have projects all summer long so feel free to come participate.

Visits - Please let me know dates of club events that you would like me to attend. If anyone has any recruitment opportunities at there school this summer I would love to help out. As I said before I will be painting a banner of sorts for each school to use for recruitment, etc. Please let me know what you want it to say. For example the one we use at UNO says "Circle K Meetings Tuesdays 12:30 PM UC 208" on two lines.

International Convention - we have 23 members going as well as a few Kiwanians. We are accepting ideas for the goody packet, which are due on May 22. Please send ideas to OTIC Chair Rebecca Fox at If you are going please join the lmt_otic yahoogroup. Go to to join or if you let me know I will add you. If you did not register yet and would still like to go you can registration is now $180, but please let us know. Finally, if you are going to LSSP registration has to be postmarked tomorrow.

Please feel to call me (504-236-9973) or im me (LCALL80) at anytime if I dont answer I'll get back to as quickly as possible.



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