Friday, June 06, 2003

Hey everyone,

Where's the Governor?? I know it's been a long time.. and I'm terribly sorry for that.. but there's been a lot going on. Here's some updates in my life: There was the finishing up of exams, right smack in the middle of board training... Then I was in a car accident a few weeks ago, where I spent a day in the hospital-- despite some back pain, I'm fine! Shortly afterwards was the wedding of immediate past Secretary-Treasurer Michelle McKenzie & Past Governor Paul Newfield-- (Congratulations you too!) -- followed immediately by cabinet training (less than 7 hours apart). After that, has been some more cabinet training-- one on one's with people, lots to do with D-con, I-con, Summer Rally, and other upcoming events... and basically just a lot of getting everything into place. We obviously want to get to the point where our District runs like a well-oiled machine, but unfortunately this is the period where we're still trying to read the instructions on how to put it together (which are in Spanish), and trying to get a few screws in the right places :) :) Like *that* analogy? But, you can see how busy it's been for me-- I promise I will try to start posting back to my regular 3-5 times a week.

Where's the Trustee? Our Trustee Ricky, has a new address-- if you'd like that, please let me know and I'll forward it to you.. due to obvious reasons I don't want to post it here for all of the world to see! His e-mail still remains the same ( so you can still use that. Keep in mind, that *sniff* after July 6th, we won't have Ricky as our Trustee anymore-- so take advantage of this great guy while you can!

International Convention Updates
A LOT is going on with I-con, OTIC Tommy Stephenson is doing a great job with it! Be sure to thank him next time you talk to him. T-shirt designs were due (for the 3rd time) yesterday-- and unfortunately, due to the lack of response we had district board members have to do the designs. Thanks to Lauren Call from UNO for being the only person to submit a design, as well as LTG Shannon Tharp for working with me til 3am last night on a few. Goody packets were tentatively ordered today-- (the designs are still being worked on, thanks to Kiwanian Joe Pratt for that).. Tommy is working really really hard to keep your cost down-- so you're looking right now, tentatively at no more than $20 per packet, perhaps even around $18 per packet. Many International Candidates for office have been sending me letters-- they are not allowed to send them to anyone except for the Governor & District Board... but I can forward them to anyone after that. Michael, our Tech chair is working on getting those scanned onto the website for you right now-- or if you'd like them immediately, you can e-mail me and I'll get them to you... I have 4 so far. Tommy still needs to know how everyone is getting there so please e-mail or call him with your info... this includes flight itenerary, times, flight #s, automobile drivers, colors, and license plate information, as well as when you expect to depart and arrive. A cell phone # of at least one person in your party would also be helpful. ... IT's less than a month to I-con, I can't believe how quickly it's sneaking up on us-- I can't WAIT to go, and I can't wait to see us have a blast there together, and show them what LMT is made of!

Monthly Reports For those of you who may be unaware, or on another planet-- Monthly Reports were due today. We've received close to half of them--- which still leaves a lot of them out there. The following are people who I HAVE received MRFs from (if you're not on this list, either you didn't send in a MRF, or maybe you just forgot to send it to me, but I need it)-- Clubs: UNO, UL, Northwestern, Tech, LSU, & UTM Cabinet: Brandy Bowen, Todd Balden, Tommy Stephenson, Robert Tummons, Bobby Schroeder, Lisa Ashby, Chassidy DuPont, & Michael Arcement If you're not on this list-- I need your MRF's ASAP, to be send to the appropriate people. Again, if you're a club- they should be sent to me, (, Alison ( or, your LTG, your Club President/Secretary, and your Kiwanis/Faculty advisors (if they've requested it). If you're a cabinet member-- they should be sent to me, Alison, and Mickey (Cabinet Director).
Kudos to all of you who already sent them in, you did an excellent job-- I found no problems with anything you sent me. Cabinet-- you should be (if you haven't received already) feedback forms on everything that you filled out... Clubs-- either myself or Alison will try to contact you ASAP to give you some feedback, especially if you requested it.
Board Meeting - Our next board meeting is Wednesday, June 11th, at 7pm (via AOL instant messenger). If you have anything to submit for consideration, it is due by tomorrow, June 7th, to me or Alison. Please contact one of us if you have any questions on how to submit an agenda point. Topics include: Budget Allocations, Committee Chair Policy Code changes (what the cabinet voted on at the cabinet training meeting), International Convention Goody Packets, and a few other things. Contact me if you'd like a copy of the agenda (or a District Board member)... and please contact your LTGs if you have any suggestions or opinions on any of the above matters.

Lisa Ashby, our super bulletin editor- is working on the first copy of Inside the Circle -- the first issue will come out in August.. which is fast approaching-- please send her pictures, articles, and other things of interest... I am working on an incentive program for people who consistently submit to the bulletin!

Webpage - Michael Arcement, II-- our Technology chair- has done a spectacular job at getting the webpage up and running again. Check it out at - please check the club meeting times/places-- and let him know of any changes. Especially needed is President contact information, and club meeting time/room, and webpage information. Committee chairs, please check your info as well, and make sure it's okay-- and if you have a headshot picture you have of yourself-- get it in, so that he can get it up there, so that we can see your shining face! :) The webpage will have more to come shortly-- so please keep checking it often, and give us your feedback!

Service Initiative By now you should all know that our Service Initiative is about changing every few months to make sure that everyone is cared for. The Summer months deal with the elderly-- so clubs should make a special effort to do projects like Bingo, Reading at the nursing homes, Rebuild Together (where you repair an elderly person's house), and other such projects. Clubs will be awarded at the end of the year based upon their participation with the Service Initiative (and Alison will give you the criteria for that soon)--- so start now! More information about how you can get involved this summer will be forthcoming.

I have lots more information for all of you-- but this post is long enough already, and you can see that I'm very busy-- but more will follow later!

Thanks, LMT CKI for all that you do-- keep it up, even over the Summer!