Thursday, January 08, 2004

Oh, also, I forgot to mention--

Today I had the pleasure of attending a Ponchatoula Kiwanis meeting (home club to our very own District Administrator Mark Mobley)... along with Lauren Call, Ralph Johnson, and LTG Bich Nguyen. There were Kiwanians and Ponchatoula Key Clubbers, and we had some really good country cooking and some fun times. Thanks!

Also, last night I met with Amanda Newfield, an LMT alumni who is looking into criteria on awards- to make sure the process at District Convention is easier, the awards are more specific, objective, and fair. I also met with Ted Newfield, who is helping to coordinate AV/lights/sound/etc for our District Convention in March. Also, I spoke with Angela, our District Convention Chair- we really have some GREAT things planned for you in Memphis... I CANNOT wait! I will share most of the details with you in another post- so you have something to look forward to!

The District Board met tonight.. we discussed district officer vacancies, and our upcoming board meetings which will occur on January 31st in New Orleans, and at the Ya'll Conference in Georgia. We also discussed scheduling Divisional Rallies, and you will hear the dates of those coming soon.
The LaMissTenn District Leadership Day will no longer occur on January 31st, but will be a spectacular session in conjunction with each of the Divisional Rallies, so if you are thinking of running for a District Office, wondering what exactly is the role of District officers, or just wondering about what it takes to be a leader and what your personal leadership style is, this definitely will be for you!

In other news.. thanks and congratulations to the following clubs and cabinet members who submitted their monthly reports on time:

Clubs -
University of New Orleans, Lauren & Ashley
Cabinet -
K-Family SOAP, Brandy
Laws & Regs, Mickey
Technology, Michael

On Time:

Clubs -
Louisiana Tech, Kristi & Jaime
Northwestern, Laurie & LeighAnn
UL, Rani & Priscilla
LSU, Ralph & Danielle
& Tulane, Jenny & Amanda

Cabinet - District Convention, Angela & Sharron
Service, Lauren
Tomorrow Fund, Ralph

Thanks to everyone for their hard work! You guys deserve a pat on the back!

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

LSSP 2004: The Large Scale Service Project, or LSSP as it's affectionately called, is making great strides to make this years project, to be held before International Convention, one of the best ever! They've published a newsletter just a few days ago... be sure to check out the link! For more information on LSSP 2004, contact LaMissTenn Service Chair, Lauren Call, or our very own Chassidy DuPont, who serves on the LSSP committee!

Also, Don't forget about Ya'll Conference, which is coming up in 2 weeks! Held in Jekyll Island, GA-- this event is great for all of the Southern Districts to get together and celebrate Circle K. For more information, check out OUR district website, under Resources, then under events, then under Ya'll 2004, or contact Chassidy DuPont, our K-Family Kiwanis/Circle K chairs. Georgia is one of our Brother Districts, so it'd be awesome for us to support them.. and a little birdie has told me that our favorite "Special K/Grit Boy/Stud-Muffin" Doug Smith will be there, too! But not as trustee, he'll be in disguise! Even more of a reason to go to Ya'll! And it's a Pirate Theme! RRRRRRRR!

That's it for now! Catch ya on the flip side!

Monday, January 05, 2004

Hey Everyone!

Hope your holidays went well.... I hope that you all enjoyed the break from school, books, schoolbooks.. and really got a breather & refreshed. I also hope you did service, and made someone's Christmas very nice!

I myself have been sick the past week (allergic reaction to a medication), so I haven't gotten to spread as much holiday cheer.. but I did enjoy buying presents for needy children, and communicating with my Best Buddy E-Buddies through e-mail. ( Remember, the holidays are still the season for spreading cheer and happiness to families, so continue to do that- until February when we begin to focus on Teenagers!

Applications for Sec/Treas were delayed, sorry about that... everything gets screwed up over the holidays when it's tough to get a hold of everyone. Information on that will be coming soon, as soon as our Spring schedule is finalized. Oh- and Do NOT forget to apply for the FREE MONEY. I've sent out several scholarship apps via snail mail, but club Presidents and LTGs have them as well. Make SURE you apply! One deadline was today, but continue to send them in!

In the latest bulletin (which looked beautiful), there was a sweet offer by me-- whoever asks three questions, or gives three comments about Circle K, I will have a prize for you! Why? Because this is the time of year when we appreciate feedback as to how the year is going.. and seek to improve things to end the year on a great note. You can ask or comment by e-mailing, calling, or even using the form submitter on the LMT District Website.

Have a holly jolly holidays, brace yourself for the return to school.. get that Service in there, and take care. I hope you are all safe-- I love you all, and I look forward to seeing many of you at our Divisional Rallies, school projects, and District Convention!