Thursday, October 14, 2004

Fun times

Hello LaMissTenn:
So T.I.O.G.A. has come and gone. All those who attended seemingly had a great time, but now we look ahead to what else this year has in store for us. Our next big event is District Convention - March 11-13 in Baton Rouge, LA. Presidents have been sent information regarding the awards packet as well as scholarship information. We have distributed the district directory if anyone information is incorrect please email District Secretary/Treasurer Laurie Brown at Back to Scholarships. I have gave out every copy I have of them, but will be more then happy to make more copies if anyone needs them. We have also given each club president a disk that has the scholarship on it and I can email out copies as well. Just send me an email letting me know you need one. They must be postmarked by December 17. It is imperative that you all participate - we want the scholarship program to continue. Hats are still available. If you are interested in ordering on they are $8 and you have a choice of sizes either a S/M or L/XL. Please get back to me so I can place the order.