Monday, September 01, 2003

Hello LaMissTenn!

Today was an exciting day for me as I accompanied Tioga chair Bobby Schroeder to go look for some decorations and extras for Tioga 2003! Let me just say that this will definitely be a festive and fun weekend, so start looking now for those baseball themed costumes, those pennies for the Penny Wars, and those sheets for the Toga Party. This is one district event that you will not want to miss!

And speaking of Tioga, the registration packets and information are now right at your fingertips (literally!) They were posted online to the district webpage and the LMT reflector, so go check it out and start getting your home club pumped about the weekend!

Tioga will also be a chance for you to get your hands on some awesome new resources and ideas. MD&E chair, Candace Griffin will be distributing the first ever LMT Member Handbook full of info about the district and about what you, as a member, should know about the organization. Also, the board will be doing a conflict resolution seminar, Lisa Ashby will be handing out Bulletin Number 2, and there are sure to be some more surprises, some new faces, and some good old fun.

Aside from Tioga, a lot has been going on here in LMT. Congrats to Cetenary College in the Piney Hills division. The now-forming club has been working hard with the help of Kiwanian Court Crow and his daughter Stephanie, to get things off the ground. Piney Hills LTG and New Club Building chair Robert Tummons were scheduled to go to the school's recruitment drive today, and once I have an update on how that went, I will be sure to post for all of you here.

It's hard to believe that August has come and gone, and with that, I would like to announce that the Sept mailing will be sent out to club presidents on Sept 15. I will need all flyers, announcements, and information sent to me no later that Sept 11. Because I did not receive any information for an August mailing, and there was a bulletin distributed as well, I did not complete one for August.

That's about all from me for now. Be sure to tune in again later this week to see what's new in LaMissTenn. Until then, remember that people who do service are just happier!