Friday, July 02, 2004

Well we are at International Convention so pardon me for my tardiness. Last night I was way to tired to possibly sit here and type. We are about to go into the first House of Delegates to begin voting on amendments and to cut the 5 presidential candidates to two. I will try to post again tonight to let you know who the two are, but if you want you can call me and I'll let you know just in case I dont have time to post. The current candidates for office are:
Matt Brent
Troy Dibley
Stacey Feasel
Doug Smith
Armando Velazquez
Vice President:
Ellen Stallcup
Andrea Cuda
Katherine Etheredge
Kristine Evans
Ali Grotkowski
Wes Robotham
Katherine Rudell

Don't forget monthly reports are due on Monday, July 5. We really need clubs to turn these in on is imperative. That's it for now.