Saturday, March 06, 2004

Another HUGE Thank YOU!!!

I want to Thank all the schools who donated t-shirts to me... you've been a big help. Especially Ms. Becki Simonis at MSU, Ms. Jaime Folse at Tech, Ms. Anne Zaloudek at LSU, Ms. Priscilla Hutchinson at UL, Ms. Lauren Call at UNO, and Mr. Charlie Ford.

Also I want to correct a couple of things...

*4 x 4 = 16 .... NOT 12 :)
* When I thanked Louisiana College, I meant Louisiana Centenary College

More reminders....
-There will be HAPPY GRAMS, and Happy Gram Duty


Friday, March 05, 2004


Yep that's right just one week away, and we'll all be in Memphis, TN. WOW how time flies!

Here are a few DCON reminders for everyone:
*Wear club shirts on Friday
*Bring MONEY for the 2 auctions being held & snacks
*Send in electronic pictures to Michael
*Bring CKI pictures for scrapbook session
*Have a club cheer ready
*Bring decorations for Caucase Rooms
*Have scrapbooks and such ready to be judged
*Be ready to have fun!!!

Other Reminders & Thank You's:
- MRF's are due
- Thank you for early MRF's:
Louisiana College, Tech, Michael, MSU, and Lisa
- Thanks for all the help & participants in the Bayou South Rally, and it was nice seeing everyone there
- And there is probably one more thing, but I can't think of it at the moment :( (so keep checking the blog and e-mail for updates)


Sunday, February 29, 2004

Hi Everyone!

I write to you from Baton Rouge, where I'm just waking up (yeah I know) after a night of fun and excitement at the LSU Dance! Yesterday we had the Bayou South Rally, with great sessions and lots of ideas on service, communication, and K-Family from members both old and new. Then we headed on to the LSU Dance, "Classic Black & White" - and had fun eating M&M's (Black and white of course!) Oreo's, and other B&W food, while feeling like we were in a vintage movie. Both the Rally and the Dance were great--- props to Joseph from UL and Ralph from LSU and their boards for a great job with the rally.. and props to Chassidy DuPont and her social committee for an excellent dance!

I don't have much more time to talk, because I'm headed to the final part of the BS Weekend of Fun- the UL Benefit Concert in Lafayette. So.. I'll see you guys later!