Friday, August 22, 2003

Just a quick note about (International) Tomorrow Fund pins...

I've just been told by the staff at Circle K International, that out of 30 Districts we are the #2 District in pin sales, right behind Nebraska-Iowa, and are pretty sure to be the #1 District in pin sales when it's over. Good work guys! Although we still have a long way to go to get to our goal of $2500 raised for the International Tomorrow Fund, we are getting there...

As of now, we are only (by my calculations) another $100 or so away from being able to purchase yet another Carthage Pullman for a member of our District. So.. if anyone wants to buy a pin ($3), or knows anyone that wants to buy a pin-- please let Ralph Johnson, Tomorrow Fund Chair know ASAP. Ralph's e-mail is . The pins and money are due back to International by September 1st... so, you only have a few days to get them before they're gone! :)

It's not always about the Benjamins no... but keep in mind that the International Tomorrow Fund is a very worthy cause. For more info about the Tomorrow Fund, or any questions you may have, be sure to contact Ralph as well.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Time for a Thursday Update!

Not too much going on here, I'm getting ready for school just like the rest of you (except for UL who already started and Tech who won't start for quite a while, but you get the point).

TIOGA! A couple of little birdies have been telling me about the great surprises that await you at Tioga... and they are good, believe me. The excitement keeps building, and building for Tioga-- and it is really looking to be one of the most memorable we've ever had. Start saving up now, it would be awful to miss this event because you couldn't afford it, especially since it's only $35 registration. Make sure you get your new members to come and experience this time honored LaMissTenn tradition! Also.. start planning your Togas! Registration is due September 26th. Also, they are still looking for T-shirt designs, the winning design gets a free registration! Take advantage of that..

K-Family East
is coming up as well.. I received the registration packet in the mail today. Sponsored by the Carolinas district, this is a leadership type building experience for Kiwanis, Circle K, and Key Club. Held in the beautiful mountains of Black Mountain, NC.. it will be an experience to remember. Please note, this event occurs the weekend after Tioga... so make sure you prepare for that. Although K-East is a GREAT event.. I would strongly advise anyone not to skip/miss Tioga for it. So, if you want to go to K-East, that's great-- but try to plan on going to both events. The registration info will be distributed soon... the $150-200 a person (depending on how many people you want in your room) will be due October 10th.

That's about it for now.. Gov's Shoutout: goes to Bobby Schroeder, Tioga Commissioner, who's doing a great job getting that All-Star weekend ready for us... and Alison Pellegrine, who did a great job with the minutes & paperwork from Summer Rally... keep up the good work!

International Corner: The 2003-2004 Circle K International Board is looking for ways that we can better market Circle K to Key Clubbers. Aside from the friendships, leadership roles, service, etc.. they are looking for some tangible incentives that we can offer Key Clubbers. Please post your ideas here, or get them to me, (or post in the member community on our District website), so I can get them to CKI. Thanks!

Monday, August 18, 2003

Hey guys,

I just got back from StarkVEGAS, and boy what a time it was! It's true that Starkville isn't a very large place, but it has some very beautiful hills, trees, and houses.. and can be a happening place to be.

I wrote on the LaMissTenn reflector about most of the things that happened there-- so you can check that out ( if you didn't get the e-mail.. but I will add some key points.

1) There is a KFC in the middle of NOWHERE on the way to Starkville. It's tree, tree, tree, tree, grass, KFC, tree, tree.. No kidding. Anyone know why?
2) It IS possible to fit 10 or so people into the back of an Explorer when it's 90 degrees outside. Hot and sweaty! Woohoo.
3) I've been to the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive & Harlem Ave. I've also seen Main Street. And yes, there REALLY is a Main Street.. and it's the main street. Also.. ask Alison what the quickest way to Hwy 12 is.
4) Our public speaker was great- he talked about Leadership. I'll leave you with this "if you're ever confused about the difference between commitment and involvement, think of breakfast. The chicken who laid the egg was involved. The pig was committed" - if you don't understand that, just ask Bich. :)
5) How many Circle K'ers does it take to move a refridgerator? I've learned that the answer is 4-7, depending on where you grab it from and where you're moving it to.
6) Don't use something edible as poker chips-- it's a sure fire way to be the first one who goes for broke :)

So.. those are a few fun facts. All in all it was a very exciting weekend, we learned a lot, served a lot, and had a great time-- the perfect combination of Service Fellowship and Leadership-- sometimes it takes weekends like that to get you all pumped up again and remind you what we're really all about in LaMissTenn Circle K.

The board did meet, twice-- I'm going to see if we can get Ali to post you those lovely minutes, and agenda points, and all that jazz.

The poker tournament was also quite interesting. Between Ralph (LSU), Jacques (UNO), DA Mark, Priscilla (UL), and Shannon (LSU) - I thought we were going to be there FOREVER.. talk about poker faces!

Also, if anyone has pictures-- I know that Michelle McKenzie Newfield is looking for some, and I know that Michael would love to have some to put them on the webpage... so get them to him when you can.

If anyone would like info on icebreakers, how to recruit members and keep them, ideas for publicity on campus, etc... be sure to contact MD&E Chair Candace Griffin for a copy of the handout she gave out. Also, if there are questions on the Kiwanis Career Contacts or Key to College Program, please contact K-Family chairs Chassidy DuPont and Brandy Bowen.

Laws & Regs chair Mickey DuPont has announced that he is looking for copies of all club bylaws, so that he can make sure they are consistent and up to date and work with your clubs on making sure that they are used correctly this fall.

Also, props to Bulletin Editor Lisa Ashby for an AWESOME first bulletin -- be sure to lookout for your clubs copy. Soon it should be online for you to view as well.

Gov Shoutout: goes to Becki Simonis, and Mississippi State (especially Detrick, Ross, Casonja, and Phillips) for all their hard work in planning such a great event!! Also to the Starkville Kiwanis for helping out, and hosting the meal on Saturday.