Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Hi again!

Governor's Shoutout: For today, the Governor's Shoutout goes to every single member who has posted in the comments to yesterday's post. Bobby, Justin, Beth, Ashley, Erin D. and Katie , are the ones I'm thinking of -- I apologize if I've forgotten anyone. Also, thanks to the Presidents that have conveyed the interest of their clubs to us on those issues, Northwestern (Laurie) for one. The District Board welcomes your comments, suggestions, and even compliments, questions, or death-threats. :) We are not going to better this District based on the opinions of 6 people, but the opinions of 480+. Keep in mind also that you can not complain about any situation later, if you didn't provide your comments on it in the first place. Thanks to those who are taking the initiative to do so! Keep the comments coming!

International Convention: Tommy Stephenson, our OTIC, has asked me to thank everyone who sent him registration forms in a timely matter, and even those who went out of their way (driving to New Orleans or FedExing stuff overnight) - to get them to him on time. The materials have all been sent to International, so if you haven't sent them in through our District -- it is too late to do so. You can send your stuff directly to the Meeting Connection (at the address listed on the registration forms). Keep in mind, it's never too late to register -- and the late fee is only an extra $30 -- so there is always a possibility that we will be able to fundraise over the Summer, and give more people the chance to go. I'm also very proud to announce that we have 32 Circle K'ers from LaMissTenn attending, which isn't the largest delegation we've had ever -- but it's certainly more than we thought, and it's definitely more than other Districts have. Not quite the goal of 45, but very very close. The clubs that will be represented are: Loyola (3), LSU (6), Northwestern (11), La Tech (3), UNO (7), ULM (1), UTM (1). See ya'll in INDY!

That's it for now, more later!

Tuesday, May 06, 2003


Sorry for forgetting some early MRF people --- for future reference, you need to send your MRF to your LTG, Alison, and me - as well as your Kiwanis Advisor/Faculty Advisor if they've requested that you do that. But you guys are new, so we'll cut ya some slack! ;) I've gotten hardly anything, so I'm hoping Alison will have gotten copies of everything that ya'll sent - and if so, she will probably congratulate ya'll soon on that.

Several, SEVERAL topics are coming up at our Board Meeting this weekend. We've been discussing them for awhile as a board -- but as always, would like your input. Here are a few questions I have for you all that will aid us in making some of our Key (obscure k-family reference) Decisions this weekend -- after all, we are here to serve you! Here they are:

1. How do you all feel about the Tomorrow Fund? Both the International & newly established LaMissTenn District Tomorrow Fund. Is everyone educated on this topic well enough? What should our District's TF fundraising goal be? How should money be collected for this? (Tioga Pennywars, at D-con, individual clubs, etc.)

2. We've talked about this before on the blog - but, once more for posterity - Memphis is an option for D-con this year. Most of you seem in favor of having District Convention in Memphis, TN - but is there anyone that has any serious objections? What are your reasons?

3. Our LMT pins, as you know, are currently Red, White, and Blue. They were changed in 2001, and were (and still are) very appropriate for displaying patriotism in these times. But, we have the option of changing the colors this year. Several years ago, they were Purple, Green, and Gold. Who thinks they should change? Stay the same? Suggestions? This is a trivial issue, of course, but I figured I'd throw it out there for ya'll anyways! :)

4. Suggestions for our District Theme. As you know, past years it has been "United We Serve," "Building for Tomorrow, Today" (correct me if I'm wrong on that one) and "Open the Window".

5. Suggestions on a Service Initiative

6. Suggestions on any new district incentive programs. As you may recall, last year the Mileage Award Program was introduced to award clubs who "go the extra mile" (i'm so witty) and the Member of the Month designation was added to the Monthly Report Forms. What new awards/distinctions would you like to see this year?

7. Any particular goals that you want the District to set? Or at least general areas that you think need to be priorities?

8. Which dates are preferably for Summer Rally? June? Late July? Early-Mid August?

Please give us your feedback on these things. Remember that we work for YOU, the member -- and we can't serve you well unless we know how to. You have the opportunity to have a say at our District Board Meeting -- your opinions will make a huge difference in the way LaMissTenn runs this year. Please take advantage of this opportunity! Reply to this blog, or e-mail your LTG. In case you've lost their e-mails, they are as follows: Natchez Trace (Tucker) Gulf Coast (Bich), Piney Hills (Tasha), and Bayou South (Shannon) Anyone in Delta Central can contact Alison or I ( or

Governor's Shoutout: Shoutout for today goes to your faithful Secretary-Treasurer Alison - who has been up to her ears in documents all day, including agenda points for the board meeting (compiling them), cabinet apps, MRFs, and more! If you happen to see her online - make sure to give her a big Thank You!
Also, a special shoutout to Katherine R. - my Governor Buddy, who is Governor of the Rocky Mountain District who made a special visit to our blog today!

International Corner Earlier in this post I mentioned the Tomorrow Fund. Here is more information:
The delegates of the 2002 House of Delegates challenged the International Board to propose an increase that included funding to build an endowment which will benefit club and member service initiatives. The result is the Tomorrow Fund. How the fund works is that money is raised, on the individual level, on the club level, on the district level, and on the International level. When the fund gets to $100,000 -- it will be left alone. The interest from the fund, will be enough to provide several grants each year to Circle K clubs who have great service project ideas (we're talking BIG projects) but can't afford them. So, really, by donating to the Tomorrow Fund - you are ensuring that Circle K'ers will continue to be able to provide Service and making a difference no matter what. And just think - down the road, one of the clubs who gets one of these big grants may be your club!
The fund needs to get to $100,000. As of March, 2003, it had just passed the $50,000 mark.
Several fundraisers will be available at International Convention. There will be pins available for $3, and your donation goes to the Tomorrow Fund. The International Board is having a date/slave auction for the TF, and alas, myself and the other Governor's will be participating in a game of Governor's Dodgeball for the worthy cause. After I-con, you can continue buying pins, and having other club fundraisers. There is also a possibility of us collecting money for the TF at Tioga, or at another District wide event. Keep this in mind, also: If your club raises at least $250 for the TF, you can honor someone with a Carthage-Pullman by making that $250 donation to the Tomorrow Fund. Carthage Pullman society members receive a medallion on a blue/white ribbon, a lapel pin, a recognition plaque, and the honor of knowing that you cared enough to honor them. Additionally, for an extra $250 donation, that person will receive diamond-level status, and a diamond lapel pin. If your club (or the district) raises at least $1,000 for the Tomorrow Fund, we can honor someone with the highly exclusive Sapphire Circle Honorary. (So far, there have only been a few honored with this, just a handful, mainly Kiwanians. The very first Circle K'er to receive this award was our very own Trustee, Ricky! We got it for him after he earned it at last year's Tioga). Sapphire Circle recipients are presented with an attractive crystal award designed specifically for the Sapphire Circle Honorary, and the distinction and honor that comes with the recognition.
So.. that's the Tomorrow Fund in a (RATHER LARGE) nutshell! I hope it was informative to you!


Monday, May 05, 2003

Hey everyone

I just wanted to say that Danielle from LSU, Leigh Ann from NSU, and Jaime from Tech also got their reports in a day early! Didn't want to leave you guys out, so good job everyone and thanks for being so punctual this month. Let's keep up the good work!

Hey Everyone,

I have exams & stuff too - so this will be relatively short (yay!)

* Today, yes Today, is the 5th... we know what THAT day is!!! MRFs are due! And this is a special day, because not only are MRFs due-- but committee chair/cabinet director applications, agenda points for the District Board meeting, propoals for D-Con & Summer Rally and Service Initiative, and more! So... I know it's a lot, but, guys, we gave you more than enough time! And you still have until 12 (midnight) tomorrow night, so that gives you 12 full hours and 10 minutes (I know, I procrastinate too! :) )
There are no excuses for late reports/applications. To Cabinet Applicants/Summer Rally proposers: Feel free to submit your applications or proposals in late-- but if it's not on time, just think about how that makes you look in regards to getting the job done.

MAD Props to those who got their MRF in one day early: UNO, UTM, & Miss State! Ashley, Kara, and Ross - you guys get the Governor's Shoutout today!

In other news... Going to I-con? - Unless you're: District Board, UNO, LSU, Northwestern, Loyola, or ULM - you may not be... please let us know if you're planning on getting that stuff to us.. it needs to be overnighted to Tommy Stephenson TOMORROW... or you can find your own roommates! :) Deadline was May 1st.. and we need to send everyone else's stuff by May 8th. Congrats to the people who got that stuff in on time!

We've lost some Presidents & we can't find them!!! :) The following Presidents are missing from the Presidents reflector, and we haven't gotten any contact information from their clubs, either: Southeastern Louisiana University, Hinds, McNeese State, USM, Centenary, LC, Hinds, and Lambuth - we are missing.... if you know someone from these clubs, please let them know that they need to get their contact information to us ASAP... they can e-mail it to Alison. It's really hard getting information to clubs, or even checking up on them, when you don't have any phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or contacts, etc - and we don't want anyone to feel left out! Thanks!

International Corner: There is a new link on the International website that describes some great fundraisers that Circle K'ers can do... many of them in conjunction with Kiwanis! Be sure to check that out - especially now, since I know that many of you are trying to raise money to attend International Convention! (Which, btw, keep in mind, late registration fee is only $30 - so if you don't have the cash now, you may very well have it after a successful summer of fundraisers!) The link to the fundraisers database is: (You need Adobe Acrobat for this)!

That's all for now! I hope you guys fill up my e- mail box today with stuff!!!