Tuesday, March 23, 2004

What a time had in Memphis...

I want to thank everyone who came to DCON 2004 in Memphis, lots of fun was had. Also many awards were given out. Congratulations to all who participated, as well as received awards that weekend.

The award goes to...

I also want to congratulate, the new members of the Weathersby Society: Bobby & Charles; Cartherage Pullmans: Laurie Brown, Tasha Hargrove, Robert Tummons, and Mark Mobley; and the recipient of the new Amanda Newfield Alumni Award - Amanda Newfield.

Money MonEy MONEY...

Over the weekend money was raised through a nicely conducted pie auction and quilt auction. For all the 7 or so pies thrown to Kiwanis Family Governors and Lamisstenn board members alike, $1,199 was raised.
Then after a brutal competion for the t-shirt quilt, NSU bought it for $305.

This gave LaMissTenn a total of $1,504 raised which is going towards the Tomorrow Fund. congratulations LamissTenn!

New Faces...

New people were also elected to be LaMissTenn's new board for 2004-2005; these people will start officially on April 1st.

Governor- Lauren Call of UNO
Sec/Treas- Laurie Brown of NSUBayou South LTG- Ralph Johnson of LSU
Gulf Coast LTG- Jenny Wells of TulanePiney Hills LTG- Lindsey Mallory of NSU
Applications for anyone interested in being part of the new incoming cabinet was sent out by Lauren last week.

On another note...

On April 5th all MRF's are still due to myself, and on the following month they will be turned into Laurie Brown (new sec/treas). More than likely though it will remain being the same e-mail address to make things easier.

Now this may just be my last posting. So I just want to say that I enjoyed my time these last few months, even though it caused 6 people to gang up on me in order to pie myself (THANKS ya'll). But these last 6 years have been truly awesome, and I don't think I could have met better people anywhere else. Although I am moving on and graduating in May, I will still be around as an active Alumni and a Kiwanian. And if you ever want to talk just give me a ring or drop me some mail. Thank You! :)