Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Hey Everyone:

Welcome to the blog! This is my first official post and I have been waiting to make as I was unsure about what exactly to write. The new year of Circle K has started and we have many exciting prospect of new clubs as well as old clubs growing and prospering. The new board has training next weekend May 1-May 2 and we are all excited about the weekend. Speaking of training if any club officers did not receive training at District Convention, a board member will be able to train you please just let us know. Following the meeting we will have many things to announce like Tioga, District Convention 2005, and Summer Rally. So stayed tune to the blog as I will be posting every Thursday (yes I know today is Wednesday so I'll post next Thursday, April 29 - for those in the loop the day of my birth). Well anyway after the shameless plug I will shameless plug those who received Member of the Month for their club for the month of March:
Loyola University - Emily Burdick
Northwestern State University - Rebeccah Farin
University of New Orleans - Aaron Elsea

Finally do not forget to turn in your ideas for the Service Initiatve and your application for the District Cabinet. Both are due on April 25th. Please get them in.

Feel free to contact me anytime either by email or phone. My phone number is 504-236-9973 and email is or

Thanks for your continued dedication to Circle K,
Lauren Call