Tuesday, July 12, 2005

District Delegate Meeting Scheduled...

In a Special Meeting last evening, the Board decided to hold a Informational Meeting for Voting Delegates for each club attending convention. The meeting will be held August 1st at 8:30p.m. via AOL. Club Presidents are asked to please inform their delegates of the meeting and to please send us their Screen names at lmt_sec_treas@yahoo.com so that we can make sure all are in attendance. If delegates don't have an AIM SN we will be happy to help them set one up. At the meeting, we will be discussing the Proposed Amendments & Resolutions to the Circle Constitution & Bylaws and International Office Candidates. We will be joined by our Counseling Trustee Erin Rowe to answer any question you may have regarding amendments.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact Governor Jenny or I or your LTG.

Sec-Treas RJ

P.S. Alternates should also attendee the meeting in case a last minute substitution is needed in Greensboro.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Proposed Amendments to the CKI Bylaws & Constitution

Greetings again,
The proposed amendments to the CKI Bylaws & Constitution have been published and can be found here:


Also, it is important that your club be represented in the House of Delegates so please make sure you fill out the Delegate Certification form found here ( http://www.circlek.org/circlek/lit/download.asp?id=265 ). The form can be mailed to Circle K International or can be given to delegates in hand to bring to convention. If your club is not sending delegates to convention you can still be represented by one of the current or immediate past District officers. If your club choses this option please contact me or Governor Jenny for instructions and paperwork we need from you. I look forward to seeing you all at convention!


As the District Turns...

Greetings LaMissTenn,
I want to take this opportunity to thank those clubs that got in monthly reports on time or early:

University of New Orleans
Louisiana State University
University of Louisiana-Lafayette
Loyola University
Southeastern Louisiana University

We achieved 50% reporting this month which is not 100% so we will work on that.

Congrats to all the Members of the Month:
Roxie James-LSU
Nolan Hughes-LU

I would also like to thank the Cabinet members who got in their reports on time or early:

PCC-Casey Boudreaux
DBE-Laurie Brown
KFSPD-Krystle Chatman
CPD-Diana Michel
F&F PD-Shabnam Sarker
NCBPD-Kea Turner

Congratulations to Cabinet Member of the Month: Krystle Chatman!!!

It is also my pleasure to welcome to the District Board, Delta Central Lieutenant Governor Ivana Ventic from Milsaps College! Ivana's appointment was unanimously approved at the Summer Rally Board Meeting. Minutes from that meeting will be published within the next week.

Well with International Convention coming up don't forget to get your goody packet orders in. Even if you are not going to convention, you may order a packet. You can find ordering information below:

The price of the packet is based on the t-shirt size you order. Each packet contains a LaMissTenn ICON T-shirt, a dozen "Mardi Gras" type beads with chili peppers, and 8 specially designed trading pins for LaMissTenn. The packet must be ordered in its entirety, however, extra pins may be ordered at $1.50/each, in addition to a purchased packet.
Packet Prices are as follows:
S-XL = $26
XXL = $28
XXL = $29

A LaMissTenn bucket hat may be purchased also; however, twenty orders are needed in order for them to be made. The hat option is $7/hat.

To submit your order for the goody packet/hat (This can either be done individually or by club) please send the following form and cash/check (checks made out to Casey Boudreaux) to:

Casey Boudreaux
1011 Martinez
Opelousas, LA 70570

Orders must be postmarked no later than July 16th.

Email the following form to Casey Boudreaux to order:
Name: Attending ICON? YES NO
Circle K Club of: Email:
Goody Packet(s) Order (Place Quantity on Line)

_______ S-XL = $26/each _______ XXL = $28/each _______ XXL = $29/each

Total S-XL Packets Ordered ________ @ ______ = $_________
Total XXL Packets Ordered ________ @ ______ = $_________
Total XXXL Packets Ordered ______ @ ______ = $_________
Total Packet Purchase = $_________

Optional Purchases

Hat ______ Hat(s) @ $7/each = $___________
Trading Pins ______ Pin(s) @ $1.50/each = $___________
Total for Optional Purchases = $___________

Total Purchase Amount (Packets + Optional) = $__________

Payment Option (Circle One) Cash Check#_________

(Checks made out to Casey Boudreaux)Mail to Casey Boudreaux, 1011 Martinez, Opelousas, LA 70570. Postmarked by July 16th. Please email this form ASAP to Cboud25@lsu.edu so I can expect your form in the mail.)

This has been kind of a long post. Stayed tuned for updates. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them or shoot us an email.

Sec-Treas RJ