Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Greetings from International Convention

Greetings LaMissTenn,
For those of you not at convention, you have sure missed a good time! Governor Jenny and I, as well as the rest of our delegation, have participated in various workshops, meetings, the House of Delegates, and other events. We will be sending a full, detailed report as soon as possible, but in brief the following are the results on Amendments to the Constitution and bylaws:

Constitutional Amendment #1-7 Passed
Constitutional Amendment #8-Passed as amended
Constitutional Amendment #9-11- Failed

Bylaws Amendment #1-3, 4, 7, 8,9,10,11,12,13- Passed
Bylaws Amendment # 4- Passed as amended
Bylaws Amendment #14, 16,17, 18- Failed or declared out of order

The House of Delegates was long, but we got through it!

For the first time in since the 2002-2003 International Board, one of our own has been elected to the Office of International Trustee, we are happy to report that Courtney Taylor from Tulane University has been elected to serve on the 2005-2006 International Board. Courtney will be serving with the following individuals:

President- Brian Egger-Pacific Northwest District
Vice President- Wess Robotham-Nebraska-Iowa District
Jenny Kelly- Illinois-Eastern Iowa District
Brian Smith-New York District
Stefani Powell- Ohio District
Stefanie Vestal-New England District
Stefanie Jachimiak- Illinois-Eastern Iowa District
Anton Konev- New York District
Stuti Mehta-Texas-Oklahoma District
Serena Bearman-Michigan District

Our district also will be bringing home some hardware. We recieved a number of awards for clubs and the district. Congratulations to

UNO 2nd Place in Bronze Division Club Achievement & 3rd Place in Kiwanis Family
The District recieved 1st place People Miles Award in the Silver Division, we recieved the Top Fundraiser Award for support of the Tomorrow Fund, and the biggest of them all...

HODGES & RODEHORST DISTINGUISHED DISTRICT AWARD..CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 2004-2005 District Board and the entire district for their hard work.
We are sorry that many of you weren't able to come, but we will do our best to get you in Boston. We will be home soon and will providing more detail on Convention happenings later.
We are going to party for the rest of the night so we must sign off from the Sheration Four Seasons Hotel in Greensboro this is Secretary-Treasurer Ralph signing off until we post again.....