Saturday, September 10, 2005



The Circle K Board is safe and sound. Governor Jenny and LTG Princess are back home in North Carolina. IT Courtney is in Denver. LTG Dorothy and I are here on campus at LSU. Dorothy's family is staying in Port Allen as their home was flooded. I dont know if it is repairable. My home in Kenner did get some flooding (about 2-3ft) my family is currently safe in Memphis. LTG Ivana and family are safe but have lost some in Mobile. She is returning to campus at Millsaps next week. LTG Phylisca is fine in Natchitoches. We have heard from many of our members in the area and they are all safe (IF YOU ARE READING THIS AND HAVE NOT LET US KNOW YOU ARE OK PLEASE POST IN COMMENTS, TEXT MESSAGE OR CALL ME). We have welcomed a lot of them here to our campus and are trying to maintain our spirits and our comraderie. We will have a definitive location and status on all of them this week. Dorothy and I will be traveling up to Natchitoches to participate in the NSU Open House Tuesday at 7pm and any Kiwanians in the areas your attendance would be greatly appreciated in this very difficult time. We as a Kiwanis Family District have so much to overcome right now, and together we can!

Yours in Kiwanis Family Service,
Ralph Johnson
District Secretary-Treasurer
(504) 390-2677